World Cup Video: Brazil Goalkeeper Julio Cesar Emotional After Dutch Defeat

Ollie Irish

3rd, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Good on JC for holding it together. At one stage it looked like he was about to have a breakdown live on TV, but after a few deep breaths he regained his composure. Tough loss for Brazil, and especially for Cesar, who should have done better for Holland’s first goal.

Much more coverage of all the World Cup QFs on Pies on Monday morning…

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  1. Deckard says:

    Wes “the master” Sneijder knew his weak spots. And exploited them beautifully. He said in interview he intentionally placed that cross on the first Dutch goal so JC had to come cuz he’s vulnerable in those situations.

    No sympathy here, Brazil had the chance to rip us to shreds in the first half but didn’t. Holland fought back like Dutch Lions, I’m so proud of my team. :DD

  2. Joe says:

    THAT save by Stekelelburg kept us in… He’s gonna be the best in the world soon. Maybe Man U and Ajax should swap Dutch ‘keepers?

  3. Deckard says:

    It’d be poetic if VDS came back at 40 to play his very last season of pro football at Ajax. However, I got a lot of faith in Vermeer, he’s too good to fade away on the Ajax bench. Btw, latest rumours I got is that Steek could be going to Bayern. Just rumours, but an awesome club nonetheless.

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