Dad 1-0 Son – Happy New Year!

Ollie Irish

4th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Our first post of 2011 was going to be a 10,000-word essay on the socio-political importance of Ultras in Italian football. Or this. … This. Always this.

And by the way, what sort of a competitive dad runs to check on his son’s wellbeing. Tough love, pops, tough love. Hugs don’t make the man.

Happy New Year! It’s good to be back.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Why does the idiot dad, kick the ball again after striking his son and obviously looking disheveled for doing so?

  2. Tom Jones says:

    How stupid is that little kid. There is plenty of time to move, get his hands up or head the ball back. Serves the stupid snotter right.

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