Is Kevin Muscat The Most Hated Man In Football? Yeah, He Is

Ollie Irish

25th, January 2011


By Paul Sorene

In answer to the headline question: yeah, he is now.

So how’s Muscat been getting on since he left British shores to play in the Australian league? Adrian Zahra could offer a few words, but he’s a bit winded.

This is the same Muscat whose first words to Ashley Young were, allegedly: “Don’t go past me or I will break your legs.” This is the same Muscat who broke Charlton midfielder Matthew Holmes’ leg and settled out of court. This is the same Muscat who did this to young Craig Bellamy…

OK, we’ll let him have that one. Ian Wright Wright Wright hates Muscat too.

Anyhow, how’s he been getting on Down Under? Let’s take a look at some lowlights…

Settling in nicely then.

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  1. Gaz says:

    I thought I read on this website that the Ashley Young thing wasn’t true. Muscat was sent before Young was subbed on.
    To call him the most hated man in football gives him more credit than he deserves, he is just an idiot

  2. Chris T says:

    He might be a bell-end but i still dont think him knocking the manager off his stupid patio chair was on purpose. They both went for the sameball and the manager got knocked over, the first thing Muscat did was offer a hand to help him up.

  3. George says:

    I’ve never heard of him before this, but he seems like a right cunt.

  4. drags says:

    Is this guy for real? absolutely the biggest cockface ive ever seen.
    fifa is worse for not banning a fool like this first up, brings the game down overall!! and in a country where football is still growing it gives it such a bad name. Shocker

  5. hollis says:

    In an AFL game two or three players will be stretchered off due to insane challenges. Rugby League is all about massive collisions, and Rugby Union is about sheer physicality. Maybe Muscat is what’s needed to generate a bit more interest down under.

  6. Alan says:

    What a dick splash.

  7. says:

    How does a team make this guy their captain? Did he bully the staff into it and they’re too intimidated to say ‘no’?

  8. SeanBCFC says:

    @Gaz I read it was during warmup when they passed each other. but he is horrible

  9. Adz says:

    The guy has the affront to cross himself as he’s getting sent off – is he having a laugh?!?

  10. audiodrifter says:

    I’ll bet El Hadj Diouf absolutely loves the guy!

  11. bob says:

    you missed the best one, him missing the penalty in the shootout to lose Melbourne the Grand final.

  12. kepz says:

    im a supporter of victory but he is the biggest disgrace to the club. personally i think he should be banned from football forever, especially for that last challenge on zahra. i know he is an idiot but the thing with kosmina was unfair on him. he went to pick the ball up to try and hurry up the game but colliding with kossie. as chris said, he went to help him up.

    and bob hes one of the best penalty takers in the world. in the last 6 years, from i reckon atleast 25 penalties, hes scored 24

  13. nick says:


    But its that most recent miss that been keeping him up nights hasnt it??


  14. Tony Yeboahs Rampaging Libido says:

    What a prick…..tho if he gets the chance to do any of that on Cristiano….I’m all for it!

  15. Kev Collins says:

    The most HATED guys on football were Gray and Keys……….great to hear the prats got the red card!

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