Raul Albiol Pulls Off Incredible Last-Ditch Save, vs Sevilla (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol uses every fibre of his physical being to prevent Sevilla striker Luis Fabiano’s goal-bound effort from trundling across the line…


What’s ‘by the skin of your teeth’ in Spanish?

For the record, Madrid eventually ran out as 1-0 winners thanks to a nifty goal from Karim Benzema…

Videos via 101GG.

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  1. drags says:

    the whole of the ball has to cross the whole of the line is the rule, so justice is served i guess!!

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Brilliant defending

  3. Pedro says:

    Don’t know what the Spanish would say, but I’m sure Mourinho thinks it was “por um pintelho”, i.e., by a pubic hair from crossing the line.

  4. The Yank says:

    Great defending, but not successful. That’s a goal.

  5. James says:

    As someone who lives in spain (and a Barça fan), I’ll let you know what the general reaction is: in Madrid they say it’s not a goal, the rest of Spain says it is.

    There was a funny video of some of the Valencia players arguing over training.

  6. Chris says:

    Absolutely fantastic to slide the whole of his body in and still be aware of where the ball is. Looked like another frantic, heated, messy performance though.

  7. Tony Low says:

    A for the effort

  8. Ron says:

    To The Yank and James, it’s the whole ball beyond the plane. Even if you see green, it’s not necessarily fully across the plane. It seems clear that the ball truly did not entirely pass the plane. Of course the rest of Spain says that – they don’t like the Galacticos – don’t see team as really Spanish – hence the country-wide favoritism towards Barca…

  9. John says:

    I wish u could do that in fifa 11

  10. C says:

    Awsome skill/luck, but if I was Howard Webb for a day, I’d given it as a goal…

  11. Nicky says:

    It didn’t FULLY cross the line. He saved it.

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