Cristian Chivu Belts Marco Rossi In The Face, Gets Away With It (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Inter Milan nutbox Christian Chivu delivers the old ‘Romanian Rochambeau’ square into Bari defender Marco Rossi’s visage and gets away with it scot-free (though not for very long, one presumes)…

Immediately after the game, Chivu told Sky Sports Italia:

“It is difficult to explain, I am here because I want to apologise to Rossi, with all the dignity that I have left.

“I apologise to everyone, above all my two children who one day will watch this clip.”

You’d think for a man who had to get the two halves of his head stitched back together not so very long ago, Chivu might be a little more careful about his on-field conduct these days.

Not so, apparently.