Barcelona Fail To Overcome Ibrahim Afellay’s Language Barrier (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Here’s bit of hot spoof action coming right at you…

Struggling? Never fear, the video also comes with an accompanying script for those not particularly well-versed in the Catalan vernacular…

Valdes: ‘When you are close to me, you you, you pass the ball to me.’

Valdes to Mascherano: ‘Tell him to pass me the ball when hes close to me and not to mess up…you know where I am.’

Mascherano: ‘When you get the ball from them and get close to the area you pass the ball to him.’

Valdes to Iniesta: ‘Man, my English really scares me. Since I’ve been eating in McDonald’s, I’m learning to speak English very well!’

Pique: ‘Valdes, Valdes, Shakira has a sister that wants to meet you.’

In further Barca gubbins, the club have officially confirmed this afternoon that coach Pep Guardiola has signed a new contract at the Camp Nou – a short-term deal which will see him taking charge through til the end of the 2011/12 season.


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  1. K P V says:


    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  2. Montesquieu says:

    Tragic as usual.

  3. jerome says:

    KPV nobody wants to see ur stupid tweets , about how you are glad to come out , and how you dady never loved you .. ! i had you picking the shit balls our of my ass hair with ur tongue .. and now all of suden e youre this great twittting twat.. ! there must be somthing in my POoo.. valdes knows what im talking about his trying to describe the taste to pique.. “oh man i have this biter tste t the end of my tonque”!

  4. Ruperto says:

    The Funniest Thing I Have Seen In A Long Time I Was Laughing So Much I Could Not Breath But It Is So Much Funnier If You Understand Spanish Then Just Reading The Translation

  5. deckard says:

    this is fucking old it was on a dutch site over a week ago. for fucks sake.

  6. Pedro says:

    I second what Ruperto said, it’s hilarious if you can understand the Spanish and in particular Valdes’ tone.

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