Streaker Defeater Ashley Vickers Sees Red Card Rescinded (With Video)

Chris Wright

15th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

The Dorchester Town player that was dismissed by the referee for tackling a mankini-clad streaker to ground last Monday has seen his red card overturned by the FA.

Ashley Vickers (who also serves as Dorchester’s manager) brought the scantily clad herbert down with a rugby tackle during his side’s non-league game with local rivals Havant and Waterlooville last week, only to be sent off by the official in charge – though the 39-year old immediately appealed to the FA over the decision, contesting that he was merely ‘doing the stewards a favour’.

Vickers told the Dorset Echo:

“I was dumbfounded at the time but it’s great to see the red card rescinded. I’m very grateful to the club and the FA.”

The Havant and Waterlooville supporter that took to the pitch in the green mankini, one Alan Young, was also quick to lavish praise on Vickers and his scrum-half potential:

“The security there were too slow but Vickers caught me quite well. He should be a rugby player.

“It was only a bit of a joke. We all agreed at my local pub on Sunday I’d do it as a bet.”

A bet that has now landed Young with an FA charge of his very own – for ‘supporter misconduct’ no less.

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  1. Dave says:

    Technically, though, it was a red card offence… I hope the ref doesn’t get a blemish next to his name as a result…

  2. DaisyYuke says:

    This is what is reffing our leagues now.

    This man should never ever ref again. Giving a player who just wants to get on with the game a red card for that?

    DISGRACEFUL. Yes the red card was rescinded but what about on the night when he just wanted to play.

    Ref should be fined

  3. says:

    If a fan comes onto the pitch, any action taken by a player should be immune to punishment. Now if a player went into the stands, that’s another matter. Certainly not a red card, there were only two stewards, both of whom were jogging at about the pace of a 70 year old.

  4. Tom Jones says:

    DaisyYuke should be shot. We don’t need stupidos like him.
    Why the hell do they rescind it? Violent conduct is ok now is it?

  5. Rick B says:

    Looks like Andrei Arshavin in the article thumbnail.

  6. Fat Nakago says:

    Any fan who enters the field of play is fair game. Soccer, Baseball, the NFL. Just try that bit off ass-hattery at a hockey game. *hrrrrr*

    That ref ought to have known better. He should have been thanking Vickers instead of handing him a red card. I was surprised that the bugger wasn’t dropped to the pitch sooner.

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  8. D says:

    @tom jones.. your kidding right? the players don’t work their asses off everyday and turn up to a game to watch a guy run around with his b*lls out! He wanted to get on with the game and did everyone a favour.

    I’m starting to understand why non-football fans find this sport a bit gay.. with all the diving, acting and the unending, ever idiotic “it’s football, not soccer retard” argument! and well this.. it’s just ridiculous!

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