Andres Iniesta Nearly Takes Pep Guardiola’s Head Off (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

In which, during Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Almeria last weekend, Andres Iniesta lets fly with a ridiculously powerful clearance into touch only to see it singe the tips of Pep Guardiola’s eyelashes as the Barca coach stands remonstrating on the edge of his technical area…

Pep’s reaction is priceless.

Apologies for being a little tardy to the party with this one. It was meant to go up yesterday but got lost in the teeming ‘drafts’ pile at Pies Towers for one reason or another.

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  1. Tom Jones says:

    Looks like he has no clue what happened. Then again he has never been among the brightest of us.

  2. Waterboy says:

    What the heck. Nice reaction Pep.

  3. elsa says:

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