Retro Football: 13-Year Old Scott Parker Stars In McDonald’s World Cup Advert, 1993 (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, April 2011


By Chris Wright

I distantly recall this McDonald’s advert doing the rounds before World Cup ’94 in America, but until this very day I had no idea that the wedge-haired oik in dangerously short shorts was none other than the current FWA Player of the Year, Scott ‘Jimmy’ Parker…

I’d call shenanigans as Jimmy hasn’t got the hair of a WWI infantryman, nor is he completely drenched in sweat after five minutes of football – but those Tibetan fox eyes are a dead giveaway.

There you go, I guess you do learn something new every day.

Top marks to the Telegraph for the spot.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Even a thirteen year old ‘Jimmy’ knows that McDonalds is not going to make him an athlete.

  2. bradford says:

    if macca’s were smart they’d make a deal with parker and run the ad again. i figured you guys had already posted this before. otherwise i could have told you! :( silly me

  3. owen says:

    haha, I do remember that advert! And is that a swans badge on his trendy shell suit top?

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