Panamanian ‘Owl Kicker’ Fined Heavily, Given Community Service At Local Zoo

Chris Wright

29th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Luis Moreno, the Panamanian clown that kicked and killed Atletico Juniors’ owl mascot when it landed on the pitch during a Colombian league match back in February, has been handed his comeuppance by the country’s Office of Environment.

Moreno, who is currently serving a seven-match ban for kicking a prone opponent in the ribs earlier this month, has been fined 26.78 million Colombian pesos (£9,080) for kicking the owl (equivalent to 50 times Colombia’s minimum wage), been ordered to reimburse the cost of the treatment given to the owl before it died to the tune of 600,000 pesos, make a public apology to the city and – as the icing on the dog turd – do community service, caring for the animals at the local zoo.

Such sweet, sweet, painfully ironic justice.