Ronaldo And Mourinho Make ‘Robbery’ Gestures At Barcelona Airport (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which, hours after being dumped out of the Champions League by Barcelona, Real Madrid pair Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho were captured on camera at El Prat airport giving the Spanish hand gesture for ‘robbery’ – a subtle reference to a Gonzalo Higuain ‘goal’ that was chalked off while the tie was still goalless…

Here’s the incident in question…

As you can see, Higuain’s strike was wiped from the slate as the tumbling Ronaldo was deemed to have impeded the last man, Javier Mascherano – who stopped, dropped and rolled when he realised he couldn’t reach his fellow countryman before the striker clipped a shot past Victor Valdes.

The brazen fact that Ronaldo himself swan-dived to precipitate the whole shebang is apparently neither here nor there.

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  1. Uri Geller says:

    The better team won but Barca did get most of the decisions last night.

    It was a completely fair goal IMO, Ronaldo was originally fouled by Pique which made him go down and fall into Mascherano who typically went down as if he had been shot.

    That goal COULD have completely changed the game.

  2. dave says:

    ronaldo did make the most ofit but mascherano , WTF!! diving cunt

  3. tapioca says:

    What Uri Geller & Dave said – although it is funny to hear Ronaldo of all people moaning about diving.

    Come on you reds!! Or Schalke, whatever…

  4. Terry Sheddingham says:

    Clearly, Barcelona’s entire team have been taught to dive that way. Every time one of them goes down they do that same hunched-up beetle-roll.

  5. Ping Yang says:

    Taking to aside that Barcelona deserved to win… irrelevant. From a neutrals point of view, this goal should have been given. Ronaldo fell over and “tripped” Mascherano. He did not intentionally trip him while he was on the ball or running, he was on the floor for Gods sake. What pisses me off the most is Mascherano rolling around as if he had been shot.

    If it was Barca or Madrid, the goal should have been given either way. Incredibly harsh call, I can understand why Madrid feel robbed. Taking this into account, it does seem like everything goes Barca’s way.

  6. Concerned fan! says:

    Biased opinions and less WAGS! Whats happening to pies lately!

  7. gene wilder says:

    @Concerned perv

    This is a FOOTBALL blog, and I for one like to see a bit of opinion on here. If nothing else it prompts some interesting debates. If you want WAGS to drool over, pick up this months Nuts or OK Magazine. Prannet.

  8. VAns says:

    Pique clearly fouls ronaldo, i dont think anywhere here can reach those speed but if you shoved going that fast i dont think it would be easy to keep your feet, so i think its harsh to say ronaldo dived. Interesting that no madrid player went to the ref, imagine if that happened to barca all 11 would have been around him, scumbags

  9. MrMac says:

    It’s funny 2 years ago i was praying on barca winning against man utd – being a Chelsea Fan and all, and not being english.

    I know it’s probably impossible with the decisions theyll get, but i hope to god for the sake of getting rid of Platini Crew, that UTD win this year.

    For the sake of football jesus.

  10. CFC_Jay says:

    i’m wondering if, like me, the madrid players thought the ref had given a free-kick to Ronaldo for the foul on him by Pique and thats why they didnt complain at first. Couldnt believe he gave a free-kick for a foul on Mascherano!! Goal should have stood!

  11. Bambino says:

    ronaldo didnt dive, he was looking to avoid that foul pique was making. but i wouldnt be bothered if madrid didnt win that foul, pique was doing the only thing he could do he was playing some fucking football. mascherano should be charged by uefa (his parent club) for what he did though. that match was no better really, barcelona were still diving but just holding back on the drama

  12. Peter says:

    “El Prat” Stadium! Am I the only one who laughed at that! Almost as good as the wankdorf stadiuum for Young Boys!

  13. ceezer says:

    Mascherano should be ashamed of himself for being such a bitch.

  14. Kyle says:

    Ping Yang (comment #5) has nailed everything.

  15. wolfusa says:

    HERE IS THE DEFINITIVE LOW-DOWN: Pique fouls Ronaldo. The referee can play advantage, and might have if not for Ronaldo inadvertently falling into Mascherano.

    At the time of the Ronaldo/Mascherano tangle, Mascherano (as evidenced by the side view at 0:41 of the second video) is level with Higuain AND the ball is right in front of him. In short, he could have either made a clearance or pushed Higuain out of his goal-scoring angle.

    Because Mascherano is (inadvertently or not) felled by Ronaldo, the referee calls the foul (well before the Higuain strike). Once the advantage was played on the Pique foul, Ronaldo becomes at least partially responsible for his own body, and any impediment of one player (Masch) by another (Ronaldo) is a foul.

    However, the ref should have brought the play back and given the free kick to Madrid at the spot of the Pique foul, since the advantage was not fully, properly given.

  16. Ryan says:

    Is that like Spanish sign language ?

  17. bambino says:


    the whole argument is that ronaldo did not in any single way foul mascherano. barcelona seem to have everyone convinced that a single touch on someone is a foul. look very closely at the second to last angle (31 seconds) and you will see that after the supposed impeding contact mascherano is already taking his next stride away from ronaldo but he chooses instead to initiate his dive sequence which involves retracting his leg from its forward motion back towards cristiano to fool the ref into thinking his foots trajectory was blocked. NO!

    (it can also be seen in the last shot)

  18. Petey says:

    Por Que?

  19. Bella says:

    I agree that the goal should have counted, but that kind of display is immature and unprofessional. Especially, coming from Mourinho. He is the manager he is supposed to be an example and a role model for the players and he is teaching them to have poor sportsmanship, attitudes, and act like children. He should be ashamed of himself.

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