The A-League’s 2010/11 Blooper Reel Is Hilarious (Video)

By Chris Wright

Presenting the Hyundai A-League’s 2010/11 blooper reel, 15 minutes of perfect humpday afternoon viewing…

Definitely seems like I need to start watching myself more A-League. If you’re interested in watching more of the finest derps that Australian football has to offer then you may want to check out the videos from 2008/09 and 2009/10 – both are equally excellent, and I use the word ‘excellent’ quite wrongly there.



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  1. Lady B says:

    Hahah and that’s probably why their stadiums look rather empty!

  2. Michael says:

    This video has perked up my Wednesday lunchtime in the office!

  3. Matt says:

    Distressing number of players who seem to have trouble kicking the ball…

  4. HAhah says:


  5. jerzey says:

    they all look like they couldnt make a non league side on their best days

  6. solihullunited says:

    enough to make womans football look decent!

  7. kenny says:

    1:02 into the 10/11 vid would be what would happen to me attempting a bicycle kick

  8. Calski says:

    Those pitches look appalling, no wonder they didn’t get the world cup in 2022. Well the poor pitches and the fact they didn’t attempt to throw FIFA a few million.

  9. Tinez says:

    how are new zealand and australia good at world cups?

  10. Ryan says:

    These guys suck

  11. jojo says:

    so epic. and their music choice is great as well

  12. johann says:

    that’s why all australian teams have half a star in fifa 11

  13. Andres says:

    Those videos are unreal. Can’t believe how bad some of the goal keeping/finishing is. and here I thought MLS was bad.

  14. Andres says:

    wow, Australian league is horrible. and here I thought MLS was bad

  15. KevinW says:

    This looks pretty bad but actually I checked out their final this year and it was a pretty amazing game.

    And I did like that one guy pushing the linesman, imagine the fine/suspension had that happened in the premiere league.

  16. K says:

    Lady B and jerzey: um… did it escape you that this is just a blooper reel? You could easily replicate something like this from an entire season of the EPL as well. You see the players probably don’t play like this all the time, it is actually just individual moments of stupidity. A concept which may well resonate with you.

  17. VAns says:

    Loving your work @K, good to see a-league here, even though it is a blooper reel. A recent K.JOnes strike against blackpool would fit in here, a recent djorou clearence as well. I think @K makes a good point

  18. youdamneddirtyape says:

    damn, some of those came from the god robbie fowler, so it isn’t all our fault!!

    pommie gits!

  19. James says:

    speaking as an Aussie, its a woeful league, which, on a good day is barely worth watching the highlights. all our decent aussie players play abroad, can you now see why.

  20. Stiff says:

    On the whole it usually isn’t too special. Something akin to lower League One I’d say from first hand experience, but as someone mentioned before, the final was incredible.

  21. Dave LFC says:

    The A-League is in it’s early days, that blooper reel was epic. So funny.
    We actually have great pitches but this year have had more rain than just about anywhere on earth! I like the fact all the poms are throwing shit on Aussie football. Who last won between Australia v England? heheh

  22. James says:

    @Dave LFC, sorry mate but as bragging rights go, the English dont even need to say anything to “throw shit” on Aus Football. it is a shite league, with a shite following. and rain? you dont think England gets rain too? we just are not on par with anywhere in Europe. i cant remember the last time i didnt stay up til 4am watching the epl, but i would need to be forced to watch an A league game at prime time.

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