Liverpool Youngster Chris Mavinga Knocks Opponent Out Cold With Brutal Head Shot (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which Genk defender Chris Mavinga (who is on loan at the Belgian club from Liverpool) takes out Standard Liege winger Mehdi Carcela with a brutal head shot of a tackle…

Thankfully, justice was done in the end. While Carcela was carted off to A&E after ‘escaping’ with a broken jaw and nose, Mavinga was booked.

Via 101GG.

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  1. youreds says:

    That is brutal. The way his head just smacks the floor :|

  2. SlimCharles says:


  3. Chris says:

    @SlimCharles: Yep, a big bad yellow – for kicking his opponent’s face off!

  4. MaxMad says:

    What. The. Fuck?!

    That referee should reconsider his career.

  5. martyn to ken says:

    Top tackle. Cant touch them these days.

  6. The Yank says:

    The saddest thing is that had this happened to Messi, the player would’ve been banned for life.

  7. C says:

    It hurts just to watch…

  8. David Allison says:

    On the other hand, it may well have killed Sergio Biscuits…

  9. belgian says:

    he sent the player to the hospital but wasn’t sent off.
    the player injured was one of the best of the team, his team mates were in shock (some even crying) but they had to go on and play the game.

    in the end Genk (the team in white and blue) drew (which was enough to win the championship, the reds had to win).

    so basically they lost one of the best player for the cup final (on thursday) and should have played 11 vs 10 for the championship

  10. The Belgian says:

    I saw this live. Although Mavinga didn’t mean to hit him, or at least not as hard as he did, he obviously should’ve got a red card. Genk went on to a tie (1-1) against Liège and won the league.
    It was the final league match. Genk was first and if Liège (2nd) won the match, THEY would have been champions.
    It probably would’ve been an entirely different match with 10 vs 11.
    Festivities at Genk are going on as we speak, while Carcela is recovering in the hospital.

    By the way, that referee was Mourinho’s favorite ref, Franck De Bleeckere.

  11. Dennis says:

    Same guy who refereed the semi final second leg between Barcelona and Real, Franck de Bleeckere.

  12. Peter says:

    He got the same punishment for kicking an opponent in the head as he would have for taking his shirt off in a celebration. Whats the fucking point in rules if there so fucking stupid.

  13. Migz says:

    People fail to realise that in reality his foot wasn’t that high up as Carcela’s head was quite low as he was leaning forward. It is a horrible injury and very unfortunate but cards need to be issued not on a reaction to the injury caused but on the challenge made and the intent etc.

  14. 1-11 says:

    @ Migz: you should really have a closer look at the rules. A referee is supposed to give a red card to a player who puts an opponents ‘physical integrity’ at risk. Which in plain english means he must consider the injury.

    Most of the horror injuries are the result of unintentional actions. I can’t think of many players who would step onto a field thinking ‘gonna break someone’s legs today’ (apart from Nigel De Jong that is ;-) ).

    Check that video again if you really think his foot wasn’t that high up. Most people wouldn’t even manage to get their foot that high…

    I’m not saying he should be banned for months as some are claiming, he clearly didn’t meant to hurt him. But even if it was not intentional, this should clearly have been a red.

    You may have heard about last year’s incident involving Standard’s Axel Witsel and Marcin Wasilewski of long-time rivals Anderlecht. That was very similar to what happened yesterday. Late tackle, no intention to hurt the opponent (Witsel was actually trying to protect himself), dramatic consequences.
    Only in that case Witsel did get the red card and on top of that he was suspended for months.

    Belgian football is a joke anyway. After what happened yesterday the federation appointed the same referee for this weekend’s Cup Final, involving Standard.

  15. Sex God says:


    he should be banned for life

  16. Adrian says:

    Migz, I don’t know what video you watched but the one above clearly shows his foot was at about neck height. It doesn’t look like the tried to kick the player but that was a very dangerous challenge.

  17. TravisKOP says:

    good to see both sides concerned for him when he went down at least

  18. Mark says:

    SOFT………. he got the ball

  19. byk3tte says:

    Awfully reckless and the way his head smmashed the floor was brutal. Hope he gets well soon anyway!

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