Bizarre Advert Sees Getafe Enlist ‘Rocky The Suicidal Koala’ To Help Sell Season Tickets (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, June 2011


By Chris Wright

As mascots go, ‘Rocky the Suicidal Koala Bear’ sounds about as friendly as ‘Adolf the Anti-Semitic Guide Dog’ or ‘Clyde the Violently Sado-Masochistic Fire Safety Hedgehog’ – though that doesn’t seem to have stopped La Liga side Getafe from pinning all their hopes on the manically depressed marsupial to shift their season tickets for next campaign…

Does anyone have the foggiest what’s going on here? No, me neither.

For the record, here’s Getafe’s altogether more understated effort from last season, which features ‘ickle David Silva hatching from an egg and a man with two faces dancing around a carpark…

Thanks to Pies reader Miguel for the tip-off.