Diego Lugano Butchers Robin Van Persie’s Ankle, Goes Completely Unpunished (Video)

By Chris Wright

Bearing in mind that you could probably rupture Robin van Persie’s spleen if you stared at him hard enough, it’s little wonder that Diego Lugano’s reckless, two-footed stomp after only 30 minutes of last night’s ‘friendly’ between Holland and Uruguay didn’t land the Arsenal crock in an Intensive Care ward…


As you can see, Bert van Marwijk definitely thought it was a red card offence and we’re inclined to agree, though the referee somehow arrived at the conclusion that Lugano’s nasty little lunge wasn’t even worthy of a yellow – in fact, the official didn’t even award Holland a free-kick.

The game restarted from a throw-in!

We can forgive the ref for thinking Van Persie just fell apart in the wind, but the audible crunch of stud on bone is surely a give away – Christ, even Nigel de Jong is appalled at what he saw.

The game eventually went to penalties and given that, miraculously, RVP had managed to limp through the full 90 minutes, he was able to step up and fire one home from the spo…


…ah. Oh dear.

Video: 101GG

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  1. ray says:

    What a scumbag… why do players make tackles like that… its a disgrace.. he only didnt break RVP’s leg because he didnt connect fully

  2. jak says:

    Nasty. From what ive seen of Lugano (not a lot) hes a bit ‘strong’ in the tackle.Needs a big kick in the gonads.

  3. Gino Annie? says:

    Was that De Jong I see moaning about a tackle? Fukk off ya dirty dutch bastad.

    Uruguay have always had a team that ‘liked’ tackling, good to see the dutch getting a taste of their own medicine.

    World Cup Final 2010: A victory for football

  4. Madjair says:

    @ Gino Annie:
    Right, cause you British (dare I presume) use to shy away from a firm tackle. Snap, back to reality.

  5. Tinez says:


    When was the last time Britain played an international and someone got flying kicked in the chest? Snap back to reality.

  6. Joe says:

    @Gino Annie: Yes, because the Spanish are all such sweethearts who’d never shy away from playing dirty (unless you count endless diving and card waving as playing dirty). Also, ‘victory for football’ is rubbish. The Spanish were the most boring team to win the world cup since Germany in 1990, scoring less goals all tournament than the Germans (ironically) did in two games.

    Also, I should point out that ‘a taste of our own medicine’ was already given by Martin Caceres in the semi final, who performed some experimental surgery on Demy de Zeeuw’s jaw with his studs.

  7. Gibby says:

    To be fair he does get the ball ….. and the player , the grass & nearly his teammate. @ Joe I suppose Spain could’ve started leaking goals left right and centre just to make a better spectacle. I’m assuming that was englands gameplan ?

  8. Sex God says:

    ah yes, RVP

    a true future potential Sex God

  9. Roger says:

    RVP is FRAGILLE must be italian!!!!

  10. JJ says:

    Well, he did get the ball first. Probably by accident, but still…

  11. Rich says:

    @Roger, haha good one!

  12. Madjair says:

    @ Tinez:
    Singling out one single accident to build your case on. No, you’ve got me convinced now.

    Besides the fact whether Holland did or did not play anti-football with nothing but horrible, life-threatening tackles over and over again at the World Cup, as a Dutchman I believe Spain were well deserved world champions. So nothing to complain about there.

  13. Miguel - NYC says:

    What’s the count on broken legs in the EPL in the last 3 years. If anything, the brits invented dirty tackles. “He was too fast” (the guy who broke Eduardo’s leg)

  14. MU says:


    I’m a Fenerbahce fan (the team Lugano currently plays for), and from what I’ve seen (a lot), this may be the “cleanest” tackle he committed during the last 5 years. He is a great defender, but he generally is an over-aggressive tackler when the ball is between him and the attacker.

  15. Tom Jones says:

    You gotta love Uruguay!!!

  16. Tinez says:

    @Sex God

    As usual you are completely right


    De Jong breaking the leg of Hatem Ben Arfa. There is your second example. The main point is that you seem to have lumped 4 separate FAs into one by talking about British. It was a flying kick in the chest in the world cup final, could there be a bigger and more appropriate example?

    Saying that I love the dutch team’s great mix of defence and attack even if De Jong is scum. Lugano should have been shown a serious set of match bans for this ridiculous rubbish. It’s a friendly for fucks sake Lugano.

  17. bob says:

    who the **** are the british national team anyway, do you mean england? im actually glad the ref didnt do anything for this tackle, it made me laugh when he just gave a throw in. humans are fookin stupid

  18. oliver says:

    players shd be carefull the way they tackle thier fellow players.RVPis all we have got.arenal 4 lyf

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