Thierry Henry Sent Off For Nearly Fracturing Opponents’ Skull With Monstrous Assault (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2011


By Chris Wright

In which, like we’ve so many times before in his career, notorious thug Thierry Henry allows his inner street-brawler to surface again – this time during New York Red Bulls’ MLS tie with Portland Timbers over the weekend…

As you can (hopefully) see, we’re just yanking your chain a little bit of a morning.

Sure, Monsiuer Henry was a little ‘over-exuberant’ in patting Adam Moffatt’s bonce following an altercation – but the subsequent red must go down as one of the softest dismissals on record, no?

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  1. nickooo says:

    Haha Wow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    de jong! JV.

  3. Trolly Trollerson says:

    [comment about football no longer being a real man’s game]
    [comment pejoratively comparing the MLS to “EPL” or other European league]
    [comment about Henry being a Sex God]

    Take your pick and then argue with me. Thanks.

  4. dave says:

    Americans are dumbass.

  5. Terry Sheddingham says:

    Wow, Henry’s gone all Anelka!

  6. TfromZ says:

    “inner street-brawler to surface again” …really?

    I really don’t agree with this. That was a terrible call by the reff and it is a perfect display of why the MLS continues to suck even as the talent increases. There are better American players and non-American players joining every year events like these are crap.

  7. kct says:

    The commentator got it spot on there; no one is paying to watch the referees, know your place mate!

  8. herewegoagain says:

    @TfromZ I believe the whole point of it was sarcastic. “… Nearly fracturing opponents skull with monstrous assault” should have made that quite clear. Pies’ are just “doin’ their thang”; i.e. being sarcastic and ironic.

  9. Tinez says:

    How often do American posters (guessing from use of the word ‘suck’) totally miss the irony of these posts?

  10. VA Red says:

    You Brits don’t say ‘suck’?

  11. pompeylad says:

    To be fair rules state you can’t raise your hands….. Henry did…..
    : s

  12. wolfusa says:

    i’m from the US and i understand them, but i’m also educated, so…

    also, mls referees, and concacaf referees in general, are among the worst in the entire game. not surprising.

  13. Anonymous says:

    yank refs are the worst in the world

  14. Mr. Angry says:

    sent off for what?

  15. Tom Jones says:

    Has Henry turned muslim?

  16. Hirsty says:

    The standard of refereeing in MLS is beyond ridiculous. Every single match it seems is completely ruined by attention seeking amateurs.

  17. shay says:

    @Dave: I hope that was an attempt at sarcasm.

  18. stuart says:

    the man is a downright thug! he deserves a 5 match ban for such a violent attack!

  19. TfromZ says:

    Ha I guess I my foot is in my mouth. I was just emotional because Henry is my favorite of all time :0!!

  20. Kolejorz says:

    CONCACAF in general is bad, run by an idiot with idiot referees.

  21. machine gooner funk says:

    @dave:”americans are dumbass”. ahh where to begin with you you cocksucking elitist america hating douchebag? the fact that you’ve indicted a whole country of people because of the actions of one sorry excuse of a ref? the fact that in calling all americans “dumbass” instead of “dumbasses” (which is the plural of the word, they taught you this in grammar school right? how to make words plural?). or the fact that the joke of a referee in question may not even be american? yes our country is filled with xenophobic, beer swilling, low iq having, gun toting, nascar and n.f.l. osbessessed morons who generally dismiss “soccer” as boring, foreign, not high scoring enough, and a sport filled with girly men who flop around and play a sport with gel in their hair; but certainly dont lump all of us in with those mouthbreathers. especially since you seem to be a mouthbreather from whatever shithole you call home. newsflash gobshite there are plenty of us americans who follow the beautiful game religously (im one of ’em obviously) and our number increase each year, so you can take that small minded, ignorant, and judgemental paintbrush of yours that you used to paint my whole country with and shove it up your ass, actually you’d probably enjoy that, you sad internet dwelling troll sitting up on your football high horse. in closing get fucked, ignorant twat

  22. machine gooner funk says:

    why was my comment deleted? all i did was dress the guy down

  23. dan says:

    good ol’ MLS officiating, way to drag the league back 10 years

  24. Yampster says:

    Dave was wrong. Americans aren’t dumbass. They’re wordy dumbass

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