Amateur Australian Player Sent-Off For Refusing To Remove Genital Piercing (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, June 2011


By Chris Wright

An Aussie amateur playing in the VicSoccer Melbourne league earned himself a red card over the weekend for refusing to remove an ‘intimate piercing’ after it was spotted through his shorts by the referee – good eye.

Aaron Eccleston, captain of the Old Hill Wanderers reserves, was clouted in the nads by a stray shot, only to be frog-marched into the changing rooms after the official noticed that the player had a metal stud through his old fella as he sprawled on the turf in agony.

A member of the opposing team describes the incident:

“[Ecclestone] got hit in the privates and I guess he was just checking to see everything was still OK down there – but then the ref’s spotted it.”

“The ref shouted ‘don’t make it any worse or I will stop the game’, before ordering the player into the change rooms. The ref then walks from the building moments later and pulls out a red card!”

Under VicSoccer rules players are required to remove ear and nose piercings. Eyebrow piercings are required to be taped over but there is no rule for ‘downstairs accessories’.

Eccleston, 28, has suspended by the league for at least a week and has refused to comment further on the incident.

Via Herald Sun

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  1. wiggs says:

    “This is going straight on Facebook. Guffaw!”


  2. Lady B says:

    Well it serves him right if he wants to put metal bits in strange places!!

  3. Jordon says:

    Well, I actually know the ref (he’s a part of my division) and he done a few things wrong here. Firstly, it’s a yellow card. I have no idea what made him give out a red card. It’s a yellow card as it’s dissent against the ref’s actions. Secondly, when you send a player off, he’s meant to be in the changeroom and outside the ground so he doesn’t go and bag the referee throughout the game (like what happened in the video)

    I suppose that’s why he’s in the shitty Metro Leagues!

  4. Montesquieu says:

    The weirdo deserves a yellow card for having a piercing. And definitely a red for being a fag with a gonad piercing.

  5. chimpo says:

    @Montesquieu- ah you truly are an enlightened man

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