Snapshot: Despair Over River Plate’s First-Ever Relegation Captured In Face Of Innocent Child (With Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

27th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

We’ve managed to get our hands on a few photos from the second-leg of the play-off between River Plate and Belgrano yesterday, a game to determine which side would be relegated to the second tier of Argentinian football.

With Belgrano 2-0 up from the first-leg, Sunday’s 1-1 draw meant that fallen giants River were demoted from the Primera Division for the first time in their illustrious 110-year history – a result which, perhaps inevitably, led to widespread disturbances and at least 68 people being injured, 50 being arrested and 15 vehicles destroyed in and around the El Monumental stadium after the final whistle…

To which I say: deal with it you bloomin’ wusscakes! Try being a Forest fan for Christ’s sake – you’d be swinging from the rafters after six months.

Photos: PA

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  1. theredflag says:

    How the fuck does this happen? It’s not like “to big to go down” Newcastle, that’s like Liverpool going down.

  2. Chris says:

    @theredflag: To be fair, the prospect of Liverpool being relegated didn’t look overly far-flung for a while last season.

    Basically, where King Kenneth came in and arrested the slide at Anfield, River just got more and more pathetic as the season rumbled on by the sound of things.

  3. theredflag says:

    I can’t imagine the rioting…

  4. Nick says:

    The most amazing thing about this is that the argentinian league is shamelessly set up to protect against exactly this kind of occurrence, due to delegation being about a couple of years worth of form rather than a single season. This is a couple of seasons worth of terrible performance.

  5. VA Red says:

    I think the Argentinian League relegation system is over a 3 year span. Also I’m pretty sure River was challenging for the title this season. It’s a shame but they only have themselves to blame.

  6. Solihull United says:

    I remember when Argentinian football fans were all about the football…wait a minute, no they werent. fighting.

  7. Hirsty says:

    Try being a Wednesday fan it’s even worse than supporting Forest…

  8. The Bro says:

    The top comment could not have said it any better, it’s like Man U or Barca being relegated.

  9. FreshPrince says:

    Went to a few games in Buenos Aires recently, have to say that the fan’s passion puts us to shame – they sing all game winning or losing. The River fans were particularly impressive

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