Mexico U17s’ Julio Gomez Scores 90th-Minute Winner Against Germany With Bicycle Kick And Gaping Head Wound (Video)

By Chris Wright

The second semi-final of the U17s World Cup between Germany and Mexico produced one of the games of the tournament, with the American’s pinching a 3-2 victory at the death courtesy of the bruised and bloodied Julio Gomez (he was stretchered off the pitch earlier in the game with claret pouring from a cut on his noggin) and his acrobatic winner…

Full highlights (keep an eye out for Jorge Espericueta’s ‘Olympico’ equaliser at the 2:30 mark)…

Videos: 101GG

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  1. Robbie says:


  2. pompeylad says:

    Gol! Gol! Gol! Gol! Gol! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  3. Eckpfosten says:

    well, even as a german I must admit: wonderful goal. sigh!

  4. Steven says:

    Don’t believe Mexico is in South America.

  5. georgio says:

    this tournament has been so so good, this germany squad were doing amazingly so all credit to mexico for that great game and hosting a smashing event.

  6. Kultrue says:

    Mexico is not in South America. It is in North America.

  7. Mr. Geography says:

    For the umpteenth time, Mexico is NOT IN South America.

  8. Entraboard says:

    I’m going to the final at the Azteca: mandatory WHOOOOOOOOOOO!

  9. Ryan says:

    I had $50 on this, turned the game off when Mexico was 2 down. I’m an idiot. Woulda loved to see the winner.

  10. Solihull United says:

    go mexico!

  11. Adam says:

    Mexico is located in North America

  12. Papi says:

    Mexico is North, not South America, ChrisBro.

  13. Eckpfosten says:

    Isn`t Mexico part of Middle America? Or are we talking in football terme?

  14. Entraboard says:

    Mexico is both North America and Central America.
    Economically, it is North America (hence it’s in NAFTA, or the NORTH AMERICAN Free Trade Agreement).
    Culturally (i.e. Spanish speaking, Roman Catholic), Socially (i.e. our standards of living aren’t like those of Canada or the US) and Geographically (i.e. climate, flora, fauna, location in the world), we are Central America.

    In football terms, Central and North America are one federation, CONCACAF, which also includes the Caribbean. South America is the COMENBOL federation, but Mexico participates in some of their events as a guest (Copa Libertadores, Copa America and before in the Copa Sudamericana until CONCACAF got bitchy).

    But none of it matters: we made it to the final and I got tickets!

  15. aztek says:

    mexico is champion!!

  16. Paul McGuigan says:

    A proper winning goal!

  17. Marcelo says:


    Rivaldo knows how to do it

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