Dario Conca, Third Highest Paid Player In The World, Scores Pretty Naff Goal On Guangzhou Debut (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

Dario Conca, Dario…Conca, struggling to place the name? Allow us to refresh your memory.

Despite no-one really knowing who the bloody bejesus he is, Conca is now the third highest-paid player in world football (behind the ‘big two’, Messi and Ron) courtesy of Chinese Super League side Guangzhou Evergrande, who snapped him up on a mammoth contract from Fluminese a week or so ago.

Yeah, that Dario Conca.

Any road up, he made his bow for the ‘Chinese Chelsea’ last night, coming on for the last 25 minutes against Nanchang and scoring a really underwhelming, heavily-deflected goal that bobbled in off a defender’s face – a goal that has subsequently been labelled as ‘fantastic’ by the Guangzhou PR department…


Only another 60 of those this season and he’ll begin to pay for himself.

Video: 101GG

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  1. Michael D says:

    Your move, Qatar

  2. Nick Wiper says:

    looks a pretty mint player to me that skill and goal were class

  3. Marcelo says:

    Generous World…

  4. krak says:

    somewhere in hell is a bloody contract file folder with this guys name on it.

  5. Ventilan says:

    Err… it came off of a defender.

  6. Fabiano says:

    He’s not well known in Europe, but he’s actually quite famous in South America, specially in Brazil. He’s been named footballer of the year twice (2009 and 2010) in Brazil, and was fundamental to Fluminense in winning a hard fought Brazilian Championship (he managed to play all 38 games). He’s not much of a goalscorer, but more of a playmaker, with great vision and precise passing, also possessing wonderful technique and dribbling skills.

    People tend to overestimate european-based players and underestimate players based anywhere else…

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