Spain See Off Czech Republic To Win European U19 Championship (Highlights)

Chris Wright

2nd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

As you may be aware, Spain are current World Champions, European Champions, U21 European Champions and, as of last night, U19 European Champions to boot – with La Roja eventually seeing off their Czech counterparts, winning 3-2 after extra-time (Valencia’s Paco Alcacer stroked home the winner in the 115th minute) in Romania yesterday evening to claim the title for the fifth time…

What’s ‘footballing hegemony’ in Spanish?

For good measure, the Spanish urchins are also favourites to win the U20 World Cup that’s rumbling along in Colombia at the moment – whooping Costa Rica 4-1 in their opening game.

God damn their flawless youth set-up, God damn it I say!

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  1. lordrt says:

    Spain has become a major force in football, and it will be difficult for another nation to uproot them soon enough

  2. Sibu says:

    wtf are they putting in spanish water nowadays?

  3. Michael D says:

    This is the definition of long-term investment: this has been in the works for a good 10 years now with a comprehensive plan by the RFEF to inculcate technique and tactics from the youth levels and across clubs in Spain. You basically have an entire generation of Spanish footballers who are damn good and play well together. As a Yank, I truly hope Klinsmann is taking notes and working on planting those type of seeds in the US, though that remains to be seen

  4. youreds says:

    @Michael D: What can Klinsmann do? He is merely the head coach of the main team, not the director of American soccer. As you mentioned, it is down to the national federation to wake up and recognise Spain’s method of success and implement it in their country. Hopefully the excellence centre in Burton in the UK will help the standard here for a start!

  5. Montesquieu says:

    At least they’re successful at football, even if not so at ensuring people have jobs.

  6. deckard says:

    can’t have everything i suppose. but cheer up you english fans, at least spain will never win the rugby world cup. not that england is awesome at rugby or anything, but ya know.

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