Omar Bravo Sent-Off For Nasty Lunge, Feigns Headbutt In Pissy Retaliation (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Sporting KC captain (yes, captain) Omar Bravo does his damnedest to splice Seattle Sounders defender Pat Noonan’s ankle in twain with a flying two-footed stomp, sees red immediately, has the cheek to throw a wobbly at the decision and then, to cap off his pissy little charade, feigns a Noonan headbutt and then has the temerity to repeatedly tell the ref to watch the ‘incident’ on the big screen as he’s forcibly ejected from the field of play…

That’s Omar Bravo, supposedly leading by example.

Call it cosmic retribution if you will, but the Sounders later came back to slap Kansas with two injury-time goals to win the game 2-1. Bravo!

Video: MLS