Spanish Super Cup: Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid – Fabregas Makes Debut, Wins First Trophy (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

18th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Despite having only played for Barcelona for somewhere around 8 minutes, Cesc Fabregas already has a trophy to his name after the Catalans beat Real Madrid 3-2 in the second-leg (the first leg finished 2-2) of the Spanish Supercopa final at the Camp Nou last night.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first ever goal on Barcelona turf (it turned out to be little more than a deflection), but goals from Andres Iniesta and a fine brace from Lionel Messi (Pique’s backheel assist for the first was brilliant) ensured that the boys in blaugrana took first blood by the end of the evening as far as the 2011/12 bragging rights go.


The obligatory Clasico end-of-match barney was sparked when Marcelo saw red for crunching Fabregas in injury time and, as the brawl continued after the final whistle, Jose Mourinho snuck in like a secret ninja and tugged the ear of Barca coach Tito Vilanova…


Photos: PA and @Carles5Puyol

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  1. thisISben says:

    So Fabregas has won more trophies in a day at Barcalona than he did in 7 years at Arsenal

  2. juanos dios says:

    Great defensive work from Ronaldo on Messi’s first goal there. Was there a reason he went into a goal celebration-like knee slide rather than try to stop Messi from shooting?

    Forgive the ignorant yank question here, never played football growing up, but why do players raise their hand and stop when they think the player moving toward goal is offside? Wouldn’t it make sense to play to the whistle, or continue playing if there is no whistle?

  3. k9 says:

    i gotta credit mourinho here, he’s turned madrid into a team that actually looks like they can give barca a game, that’s a fucking great effort

  4. Nuno says:

    @juanos dios
    He was after Messi, probably thought about doing a sliding tackle, but when he saw he couldn’t stop Messi and could cause a penalty, he just fell and “let it go”. Probably.
    Referees are very often influenced by players’ reactions, so if it’s a dubious decision and all players moan about it, the referee may give them what they want. Remeber it’s all in less than a second and the refs still don’t have video replays…

  5. juanos dios says:

    Thanks Nuno. Still seems like a big risk if the call doesn’t go your way.

  6. Nuno says:

    Yes it is, but in this case they couldn’t do much more and they were reaaly convinced he was offside (it was very close…). And it was in Camp Nou, the refs often listen a bit more the home crowd (and even more to Barça’s constant whining).

  7. Solonlair Gbolor says:

    Rolando, we know you are a good player. You need to relax and play what you can and not proving things. You can never be like baby Messi…He’s d boss

  8. nat says:

    Would have been nice to see Ronaldo hack down Messi tho. The world’s top two in a fist fight…

  9. Matt says:

    Messi is way too sick, Barca have just got too much world class talent now. A good 5 years domination ahead. F*ck, I’m a United fan but we are so far behind

  10. S-League Player says:

    Not trying to read too much into it, but notice how Barca even celebrates as a team compared to Real’s slap-slap, pat-pat, shrug style. And this really is what only seperates the sides now: team spirit. Barca players have known each other since they were in diapers. Real isn’t a team yet.

    Btw, did anyone else notice how Benzema looked a wee bit like Ronaldo in his goal celebration?

  11. S-League Player says:

    @Juanos Dios: Some players even try to psyche the opposition out by simply stopping. View exhibit A:

    That’s France’s No. 1 Fabian Barthez back when he was playing for Man United against West Ham. Paolo Di Canio scored and knocked United out of the FA Cup. Barthez later admitted he knew Di Canio was onside and was just trying to mind-fuck him into thinking he was off.

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