Wanderers’ Diogo Sent-Off For Hoofing Opponent, Bitch Slaps Linesman For Making Decision (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

In which, finding themselves 1-0 up over Montevideo Wanderers in the last few minutes of their Uruguayan Premier League tie a week or so ago, a couple of Danubio players attempt to run the clock down in the corner.

Taking umbrage at the time-wasting, irate Montevideo left-back Diogo takes a sly swipe at his opponent on the touchline and is duly (and quite rightly) red-carded by the referee at the behest of the linesman, who was standing a couple of feet away.

The Brazilian then offers his criticism of the decision, by bitch-slapping the linesman in the fizzog…

By his own admission, Diogo left the field in tears and later apologised to his club, his family, his teammates and the fans for letting them down – though curiously chose to leave the lino he belted across the chops out of his lengthy post-match grovel.

What a guy.

Video: 101GG