Thai Children Sing Surreal Tribute To ‘Celtic Dragon’ Joe Ledley (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Either I’m watching a classroom full of Thai schoolkids sing a tribute song to Celtic midfielder Joe Ledley to the tune of ‘Ring of Fire’ or someone has dropped a rather large quantity of LSD in my morning cuppa again…

I think I can see round corners and smell time. It’s like ‘Nam all over again.

Video: Good Child Foundation

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  1. babo says:


  2. Lukass says:

    Good Lord,how?! Why?!

  3. Juan says:

    Not often you see the words “Celtic” and “Children” together without “Abuse” forming part of the sentence.

  4. Inno says:

    Juan’s second name is obviously “Kerr”…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Juan’s full name is probably Juan Hell of a Guy in my opinion.

  6. Murray says:


  7. Kenji says:

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  8. Dusty says:

    Celtic are connected with the Good Child Foundation; a charity in Thailand that helps educate Down Syndrome children. We fund them, send them donated Celtic shirts, and send volunteers to help run the place.

    In return the kids get together and do sing-a-longs every so often, they’re celebrities with the Celtic support, they’ve a bunch of other songs including their version of I just can’t get enough.

    A few dissapointing, sick comments above, but then that is about all that can be expected from rangers fans, who send their money to the BNP rather than Down Syndrome charities in the developing world.

    I find it really sad the level of ignorance among the rangers support. They attempt to smear the great name of Jock Stein with vicious and entirely false child abuse taunts. When it was the same great Jock Stein that waded into the crowds to help the carry the dead bodies of victims of the Ibrox disaster. No class. At all.

    Brilliant as per from the Thai Tims, keep it up!!

  9. Seán says:

    Dusty…couldnt agree more! you hit the nail on the head with every point.

  10. mike says:

    Dusty-top post

  11. Well said Dusty, I think the Izzaguire one is better though this this effort.

  12. Stevie R says:

    that was bloody beautiful

  13. DJ says:

    Makes a nice change for Celtic fans donate to a charity like this instead of the IRA

  14. situation says:

    dusty, spot on
    dj, idiot

  15. Dusty says:

    Yeah, because the IRA are a charity…

    Besides, loads of British clubs give money to their military anyway? Not that Celtic do. But what would be the problem anyway?

    Are the IRA the people who have murdered people with their empirial agenda worldwide? Have we colonised impoverished people? Have we enforced brutal rule on foreign lands?

    What has the IRA done wrong apart from defend the Irish people against foreign war crimes, religious massacre and ethnic cleansing from the Crown? Hypothetically of course.

    As the Celtic saying goes:

    If you know your history…

  16. Stuartg says:

    Dusty you started well talking about charitable foundations, as usual a critic fan can’t pass up the chance to have a go at rangers fans therefore totally reducing a good point to a point scoring excercise. This isn’t the first of these videos I’ve seen but I have to ask why do you send them celtic tops? Surely they could use money more, a suspicious person would think it’s a case of “we do a lot of charity work and want credit for it” as well as trying to promote your club on foreign fields. Luckily I’m not a suspicious person. Btw on another point the catholic church says that if you are not catholic you are a sinner and will burn in hell, how many Catholics are there in Thailand?

  17. Ventilan says:

    regardless of everything, it is awesome. So many kilometers apart…

  18. Gino Annie? says:

    Great post, great song. Best post on here for a long time, unbelievable how these clubs get around the world and crop up in little corners with their own fan club.

    This is by far the best Joe Ledley, or probably only Joe Ledley fan club i’ve seen.

    Top post.

    Why do Rangers fans comment negatively on every post about their rivals?? Seems very strange but they seem to be obsessed by Celtic?????????

  19. Dusty says:

    Stuart… We send them Celtic tops because funnily enough, we have a surplus of Celtic tops within the Celtic community which rather than being discarded at home as soon as the latest jersey comes out, can be sent to those less fortunate… Is that okay with you?

    And your ignorance shows through the more I read your post. Ofcourse Celtic send money, not just to this Thai charity, but we are one of the most charitable clubs in the world, I can give you a list if you want of the endless causes that Celtic has supported in recent years.

    Just look at the vast amounts of money that were raised at Celtic Park only a couple of weeks ago in aid of the famine in East Africa. 60,000 fans turned up to support that, in a muck about match. More than a club.

    I suggest you do your research mate before you spout your ill-informed views about my club.

    And oh my God, your last point! What are you thinking? Seriously are you this clueless? What has Catholicism got to do with Celtic? And why would we refuse to support non-Catholics in need? We have always been a club inclusive to all regardless of creed or nationality.

    As I say, please do some research before you spout your idiotic view.

    You twat.

    Thank you.

  20. Stuartg says:

    Aaah, make a point and the abuse starts. Call it what you want, personally I find it disturbing manipulation. Real sing for your supper stuff, they are just saying the words and I bet they have no idea who Joe Lesley is. Disturbing

  21. Dusty says:

    You have a warped mind if you find good natured charity work disturbing.

    Bitter little hun.

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