Bursaspor’s Incredible New ‘Crocodile Stadium’ Given Green Light

Chris Wright

24th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Great news for fans of incredible reptilia-inspired 45,000-seater stadiums everywhere, as work has just begun on Bursaspor’s new Timsah Arena – ‘timsah’ being the Turkish word for ‘crocodile’…

That…my friends…is friggin’ spectacular!

Via the brilliant Stadium Porn.

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  1. goonerdan says:


  2. deckard says:

    another testament to how hard we’re trying to be different these days. from (country)’s got (no) talent, to this. just build a normal fucking stadium, modern, but not outrageously stupid like this. looks like a childrens amusement park.

  3. TheBro says:

    EPIC! Sick stadium, sucks it going to crappy team tho….

  4. Wahido says:

    More like a snake?

  5. Manolo Garnix says:

    @deckard they just try to be different on the outside. The inside looks the same as stadiums in Germany, South Africa and Poland.

  6. Jack says:

    And it is what’s on the inside that counts…

  7. Montesquieu says:

    I doubt it’ll look good in real life, unless they can somehow make the green colour not look cheap.

  8. Ozan says:

    Just like how Arsenal are “the gunners”. Bursaspor is “timsahlar”(The crocodiles) I don’t support them but I think its a brilliant concept and would make away games more interesting. It’s giant crocodile, who wouldn’t want to see that?

  9. madikaryus_BURSASPOR says:

    friends, not the snake that crocodile alligator

  10. jamie says:

    How can a colour look “cheap”? We’re not talking about a high-street garm here.

  11. Fred Tissue says:

    Hmmm not sure what to make of that! Part of me thinks its the best thing ever, and yet part of me also thinks its the stupiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. KingEric7 says:

    Reminds me of that thing from the second Harry Potter.

  13. wolfinho says:

    so wait, someone explain to me how this is not a snake-theme, but a crocodile-theme? i know it would be even tackier to add crocodile legs to a stadium, but without them, it’s just a damn snake.

  14. Crocodile Dundee says:

    @ jamie

    Of course a colour can look cheap. How many green iPods, TVs, computers have you seen? Not many, you know why? Because they look cheap.

  15. emrhn says:

    hey everyone. first of all i am a Bursaspor fan. and as you can see from the news above these stadium is going to be our new one. But as an Bursaspor supporter we have some concern about that stadium because of the area that its built. Nevermind its a kind of ourselves problem :D. I just want to give some information about stadium roof as it illustrate like a crocodile. it looks quite different from croc as it seen in the pics. ,i accept :)) but It will look better after it has build you can trust me. Because roof part of the stadium is going to build with special way with european architecs. By the way we r going to play with Anderlecht , hope u will see us in Europa Leauge groups. ıt’s goingto be hard but i trust my team :D

    see u ;)

  16. Varun says:

    This is just stupid.

  17. S-League Player says:

    Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s stupid. It’s Turkey, the team’s nickname is “the Crocodiles” and they’ve got the balls to give it a go.

  18. lordrt says:

    nice stadium, i wonder if the guys at old trafford will rework it in the near future to make it look more like hell (for the Red Devils) :D

  19. Madjair says:

    Slaughtering animals before matches, building stadiums that look like animals…next thing’s gonna be a new national flag, with the moon replaced by a…turkey?

  20. Nick Wiper says:

    great stadium :) something new, why not be different? Hopefully Sercan Yildirim will still be there when it’s made – top young player!

  21. zzz says:

    FUCK Bursaspor!

  22. […] to winning a Serbian SuperLiga. In matters off the pitch, the Yesil Timsahlar (Green Crocodiles) have been given permission to build an ambitious new ‘crocodile’ […]

  23. erhan says:

    Fantastic stadium Timsah Arena, euro 2020 home owner, Champion Turkey :)

  24. EUroyal says:

    “Bursa Stadium Giant Crocodile”, named Timsah Arena, will be the most attractive football arenas of this decade. Bursa is the 4th biggest city of Turkey, while Bursaspor is the 5th Giant Team of the country.
    #1 Galatasaray 19 1 UEFA CUP – 1 UEFA Super Cup
    #2 Fenerbahce 19 —–
    #3 Besiktas 13
    #4 Trabzonspor 6
    #5 Bursaspor 1

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