Bulgaria 0-3 England: England Edge Ever Closer To ‘Polkraine 2012’ (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

3rd, September 2011


By Chris Wright

The game in a nutshell: England were comfortable, Bulgaria were pretty bloody woeful, Gary Cahill scored his first international goal, Wayne Rooney bagged the other two, Walcott/Downing/Young behind Rooney worked well in parts, the formation suited the style, the second-half was a bit pap and even Gareth Barry looked half-way close to ‘alright’.

The only blot? There were f**king monkey chants in the stands – which thankfully failed to register with any of their intended targets and have since been reported to FIFA.


Still, with two games left (Wales next Tuesday, Montenegro in October), England now top Group G by a clear three points. What could possibly go wrong?



Photos: PA

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  1. SofaPizza says:

    I had my doubts about the new England kit, but seeing it worn it looks propa tasty like.

  2. Watch the FA highlights… what right minded Englishman says two-nothing instead of two-nil?

  3. C says:

    3-0 win, and you still just *have* to find something to bitch about. Typical “England” fan…

  4. theredflag says:

    They bring out the monkey chants, yet they have a black player themselves? Hypocritical cunts.

  5. Markell says:

    So they look like City, and play like them now too?

  6. Montesquieu says:

    I’m certain they think along the lines of, we hate all ‘monkeys’ but ours.

  7. deckard says:

    they’re gypsies, who gives a shit what they say or think. england away shirts should be red, pure red. it’s fucking disgraceful how these clothing companies ditch traditions just like that these days. remember italy’s atrocious home shirt in the 2009 confed cup. nothing azzurri about it. that was puma, a german brand. you think umbro, an english brand, have more respect towards england’s jersey. cunts.

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