Introducing Gaguie: The 2012 African Cup Of Nations Mascot (Video)

Alan Duffy

23rd, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

January and February will see a number of Premier League managers once again bemoaning the loss of a number of their top players to the small matter of the African Cup of Nations. 

However, while the players left behind freeze in a post-Christmas England , those headed for the heat in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea will come face to face with the tournament’s new mascot, Gaguie, who was recently unveiled in Libreville to a rather unimpressed (see video) selection of dignitaries.

Give Gaguie the gorilla his due though, he sure can dance although some of his pelvic thrusts may prove a little too lewd for sports broadcasters over here.

And the questions remains – does he have a gun in his pocket or is he just pleased to see you?