West Brom Set To Appoint Chris Hughton

Chris Wright

10th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Word reaching Pies this morning is that West Brom are all but set to swear in Chris Hughton as Roberto Di Matteo’s replacement later today, after the former Newcastle boss held talks with the Baggies’ board last night.

The Birmingham Mail are also reporting that an unidentified ‘hitch’ brought a premature halt to the negotiations, but that all parties are hopeful of ironing out any kinks by this evening.

Regardless of Hughton’s imminent appointment, West Brom’s current caretaker boss Michael Appleton will still take charge of Saturday’s game against West Ham.

In Hughton it looks like West Brom are making an excellent choice by plumping for a sound young manager, who has proven himself to be adept at quietly moulding struggling/relegated teams into stronger units.

Hughton could just prove to be the difference between playing Premier League and Championship football next season for Albion, even if their dismissal of Di Matteo (and his bountiful eyebrows) was airing slightly on the ‘hasty’ side for some tastes.

Y’know? Doesn’t it all seem a little bit ‘like for like’ to you?

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  1. Greg says:

    Not thrilled with this news seems a bit of a risk, but I’d say he took to the premier league easier than RDM did.

    But to be honest I imagine Hughton is more likely to adhere to certain managerial tasks that Di Matteo didn’t. I still can’t believe some of the stuff about Di Matteo hasn’t made the national press yet.

  2. Chris says:

    @Greg: Ooooh, do tell!

  3. neil says:

    yeah – come on Greg……

  4. Greg says:

    Well as early as Sunday afternoon rumors started that he was going to be a month ago depending upon the result of the Blackpool game due to his commitments to other parts of the job. Fortunately for him West Brom won that game however the continued slump in form a the dismal 2-2 draw with Wigan last week sealed his fate.

    Since his dismissal many local journalists have been reporting that he very rarely or often didn’t bother doing his research on oppositions teams such as style, formation or even going to watch other games. Also a friend of mine knows a physio for Albion’s youth team and told him that Di Matteo hadn’t attended a training session for months and the actual training schedule hadn’t altered since the start of the season, which for me explains the shocking defending throughout the campaign. These actions have reportedly left a lot of the boardroom and playing staff disillusioned and angered at the lack of commitment and managerial choices Di Matteo chose to make.

    Also it was quite obvious that RDM had certain favourites that he would choose week in, week out regardless of previous results. He waited to long to change Scott Carson for Boaz Myhill in goal and Nicky Shorey, despite being one of our better players in early season, can now no longer get in look in. Di Matteo also had an obsession with playing players out of position. Paul Scharner who was signed with the promise of playing in midfield, often found himself playing in defence forced to carry the useless Gabriel Tamas during matches, when we have international defenders like Pablo Ibanez and Abvoulaye Meite on the bench. Another example is Simon Cox. Cox who in the 2008/09 season was the top scorer in the whole country for Swindon Town has now been dropped back into a midfield role. Marc Antoine Fortune also found himself in this role against Man City where he was placed on the wing! This left the majority of team disgruntled and therefore morale and support from within the club have dropped. You can clearly see this from recent performances. His dismissal did not come as a shock to me at all. I wish Hughton all the best.

  5. Chris says:

    @Greg: It that is true, then it’s a wonder RDM lasted as long as he did!

  6. David Allison says:

    Just taking a look at the fixture list and guess what the last day of the season has served up… yup – Newcastle vs WBA at SJP. Hughton to relegate the team he reformed…? All his hard work obliterated in a single afternoon? Could ‘appen!!

  7. Chris says:

    @David: I just love how football works sometimes.

  8. David Allison says:

    @Chris: Being a Newcastle fan, sometimes I don’t…! ;o)

  9. Chris says:

    This is why I always read the comments. Thank you Greg – juicy stuff.

  10. Chris T says:

    @ David I think that could be the perfect day providing we don’t go down don’t you? The last home games usually have a good atmosphere and i’d like to see Hughton back at newcastle so he can see properly the admiration most fans have for the job he did with us in the Championship and Prem, a little different to seeing it on T.v after he was sacked. There aren’t many in football who handle themselves with the decorum that Chris has and i’d love the chance to cheer him out of the Tunnel once more even if it’s as opposition manager

  11. Greg says:

    That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid but I’m happy to oblige.

  12. David Allison says:

    @ Chris T: Providing we’re safe (which I’m sure we will be…), then yes, and Hughton will receive the standing ovation that he rightly deserves. And, as you mentioned, a true gent. Let’s hope (if he gets the job) he can help West Brom stay up. His presence in the top flight is a much needed element.

  13. Greg says:

    The club have just announced Roy Hodgson as their new manager. Most interesting.

  14. […] West Bromwich Albion have announced the appointment of Roy Hodgson as their new head coach, despite reports yesterday that Chris Hughton was all but set to land the post. […]

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