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West Ham Banner Crops Up In Latest Episode Of The Simpsons

By Chris Wright

West Ham have finally made it; they’ve been name-dropped on The Simpsons – thus joining the likes of Pele and both the Ronaldo brothers: ‘Cristiano’ and ‘Fat’, who have all been redrafted in horribly jaundiced form by the hit comedy.

A Hammers banner crops up in the latest episode, called ‘The Day The Earth Stood Cool’ (which aired in America a few days ago) in the bedroom of¬†the Simpson’s new neighbours – a bohemian family who’s hipster son, ‘T-Rex’, naturally follows English soccer rather than any of the mainstream Yank sports.

The Premier League themselves also got wind of West Ham’s new-found Stateside celebrity, Tweeting via their ¬†official account: “West Ham United were delighted to be featured in The Simpsons’ episode ‘The Day The Earth Stood Cool’!”

Quite frankly, we don’t see what all the fuss is about. James Collins has been guest-starring in The Simpsons for years…

(Via KUMB)

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By Chris on December 12th, 2012 in West Ham Utd. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

16 Responses to “West Ham Banner Crops Up In Latest Episode Of The Simpsons”

  1. LunaVC says:

    If the Yanks really knew their football, that would have been a Chelsea banner.

    Wet Spam are not considered a “cool” club.

  2. barf says:

    I think Giggs was mentioned in an episode back in 2002/3, you know, when the show was still almost funny.

  3. js94 says:

    The Liverpool team was drawn by the Simpsons staff when the american owners took over

  4. HH says:

    @LunaVC But many Americans have actually heard of Chelsea, making them Not Cool At All in this context. What next? Watching the kind of movies that play in multiplexes?

  5. dusty bottoms says:

    everyone here knows man united, chelsea, liverpool, etc – there are like 10 epl games on every weekend. it isn’t cool to like the big clubs, which was the point of the show.

  6. HH says:

    Wycombe Wanderers or Yeovil Town — now *those* are proper hipster clubs.

  7. TravisKOP says:

    @HH hahahaha agreed

  8. Ed says:

    Why is the banner green?

  9. Charlie says:

    “You’re telling me!”

  10. sloth says:

    inb4 St. Pauli

    West Ham are cool because of Green Street.

  11. Applesauce says:

    I think the whole point of the joke flew well over Luna’s head.

    And man, you Brits have one hell of an inferiority complex. Every comment on this site is Yanks this and Yanks that. Take a chill pill.

    There’s only three Americans who read this site. I know because there’s only four in the whole country who give a damn about soccer (read: football), and we haven’t told Bob about ‘Pies yet.

  12. Fat Nakago says:

    @Applesauce — Make that 4, unless I’m one of the 3.

    You’re right about the point of the joke flying over Luna’s head.

    West Ham United….funny and ha ha….at least it wasn’t Queens Park Rangers. But…a better and funnier reference would have been Norwich City. An On the Ball City green and gold banner, with a Cheesehead on the bookcase behind the bed, an Aaron Rodgers bobblehead in place of the Santa, and a Clay Matthews poster hanging on the wall behind the drum set. Norwich City would be a classic, especially if they could have worked Ian Crook into the story ((scary but true…Ian Crook would fit right in in The Simpson’s universe)).

  13. Jarren says:

    Swansea would have been “cooler”.

    West Ham are not exactly the most “hip” team.

    If I was a “cat” I’d follow Swansea.

    They seem to be the “in” team.


  14. Pedantic Grammartique says:

    You’ve put ‘who’s son’ – this should be ‘whose son’

  15. Inferior Brit says:


    Yank is a standard description for an American in Britain, means nothing more than a light play on American and rarely represents malice. I suppose we’ll have to take a chill pill which, by the way, is very original advice.

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