‘I Can’t Quite Believe It!’ – Sam Allardyce Left Utterly Perplexed After West Ham Fans Boo Victory Over Hull City

Chris Wright

27th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - West Ham United v Hull City - Upton Park

Despite winning the game 2-1, West Ham fans vociferously booed their side as they plodded to a victory against ten-man Hull City last night – a result that was by no means easy on the eye but still managed to hoist the Hammers into 11th place in the table, some nine points above the dotted line of doom with seven games left to play.

Now, it must be said that West Ham did have to rely on a slapstick own-goal from Hull’s James Chester to secure themselves the three points, but the Hammers’ fans negative reaction to their side’s slightly stagnant performance left Sam Allardyce, a brass-tacks manager whose only real concern is the “end” rather than the “means”, utterly perplexed.

An incredulous Allardyce, speaking at his post-match press conference, said:

“We got a little nervous because our fans decided they weren’t going to get behind us which really surprised me. We were winning at half-time and one or two weren’t happy.

“I can’t quite believe it. I started (as a footballer) at 16, got into the first team at 18 and I’m 59 now and I have never been in place where we have won and got booed.

“At half-time, the players were talking more about fans booing them than the game. I had to make sure they kept focused on the field.

“Fans affect players. We don’t need them on the players’ backs when we are coming off three defeats. They have to stay and help them win.”

One the one hand, it’s finally happened; football fans, speaking in generalities, have become so short-termist, reactionary and self-entitled that they’re actually booing victories now!

On the other hand, West Ham really were the square root of turgid against Hull. It would appear that Big Sam’s lumpy stock-in-trade is beginning to grate once again.

From a paying punter’s point of view, we reckon we’d be more than a little hacked off having to sit through that dreck too.

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  1. PT says:

    This was truly one of the worst performances I’ve ever witnessed at West Ham. I’ve been going since 76 and there have been some poor games over that period. Admittedly, supporters are much less patient these days but West Ham stunk the place out last night. Pundits seem to think that we demand the team to play the ‘West Ham’ way but this is a fallacy. We just don’t want to play the Big Sam way. Ultra defensive performances home and away, bypassing midfield, discouraging passing,only putting effort into ‘winnable’ games,losing cup games with youth players are typical of this selfish, cynical man.You don’t have to play his appalling brand of football to suucceed.

  2. scotspur says:

    @PT hey mate just be thankful a manager of Big Sam’s status is gracing the lowly presence of your team, seeing as how he could be off managing bayern, madrid or barca

  3. dc says:

    hahaha this ^

  4. Pablo Armero says:


  5. jackie wilshere says:

    benzema, get a restart! ronaldo, step on the keeper’s toes!

  6. gybbi says:

    I’ll second that Armero thing.

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