Football GIF: Wayne Rooney Sees Straight Red Against West Ham For Lashing Out At Stewart Downing

Chris Wright

27th, September 2014


By Chris Wright

Wayne Rooney was shown his first red card for five years in Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over West Ham at Old Trafford this afternoon for lashing out petulantly at Stewart Downing.

While it was hardly the most grievous challenge you’re ever likely to see, a riled-up Rooney aimed a cynical swipe at Downing’s legs and caught him a little too high for referee Lee Mason’s liking – with a straight red card duly being administered to the new England captain…

Not much in that for our money – certainly not enough to earn the inevitable bawling “HOT HEAD” headlines he’s going to get on tomorrow’s back pages – but a nailed-on dismissal never-the-less.

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  1. Si says:

    That was a harsh decision, with this coming from a Newcastle fan.

    As the commentators pointed out: had another player done the same thing, they probably would have gotten a caution and a final warning.

    For all of the grief that the boy gets, his disciplinary record is actually very good, particularly that he finds himself getting stuck-in in the middle of the park week-in, week-out.

  2. syndex says:

    I think it is a sending off due to the possible injury it could cause and think 80% of the time with any player it would be a red, however this is not a sign of a discipline problem (quite the opposite it was a calculated to stop a promising attack just badly executed) so any coal raking he will get will be generally ignored.

  3. chris says:

    That is a nailed ON yellow. Its a professional foul nothing more
    Red Card = school of poofs

  4. TravisKOP says:

    i Know what he was trying to do but he could have been smarter about it. The challenge just looks like a lazy attempt to stop play, perhaps he could have gone about it differently

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