West Ham: Damning Statistics Show Just How Terrible Gold & Sullivan’s Record Of Signing Strikers Has Been

Chris Wright

11th, January 2017

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Hard as it may be to believe at first, it turns out that West Ham owners David Gold and David Sullivan are almost totally shite at signing strikers.

Case in point being that their most recent attacking acquisition, Simone Zaza, is already on the verge of leaving the club without a single goal to his name – though he did manage two shots on target in the space of nine Premier League games.

Anywho, the damning numbers have been crunched by freelance sports writer Jake Sanders, who latterly surmised that the forwards signed the Hammers since Gold and Sullivan took over in January 2010 have managed a paltry cumulative total of just 143 goals in 709 games.

Indeed, Andy Carroll accounts for almost 20% of that total goal haul, thus rendering the rest of the tallies all the more pathetic.

Here’s the various scores on the doors…


Image: @JakeSanders92/Twitter

We’d quite honestly forgotten most of those players having ever played in the Premier League.

Mladen Petric? When did that happen?

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1 Comment

  1. Tested&Detested says:

    When you consider the amount of legal kickback they get for each & every transfer (as does the manager & agent), it simply isn’t in their interests to *not* buy players. It doesn’t even really matter if they’re crap (in fact, from a business perspective it’s great), ‘cos they then have the football incentive/reason to sign another! It appeases the bank & the fans, win-win all round (‘cept on the pitch, most seasons). Although not limited just to the Iron Bubbles (go ask Rafa Benitez what he thought of signing players), what a scam, what a Wet Scam.

    Then there’s Tevez & Man Utd & staving off relegation & getting round EU permits & ownership rights & kickbacks galore. Oh, I’m forever laun-drin’ mahney…

    Football owners/managers/agents know just how much personal lucre there is to be made in standing still & dishing out lame excuses easily lapped up by the baying hordes & peon masses on the terraces. Yes, I’m looking at you, you football junkie. When was the last time you & the family had a good holiday?

    Porn barons for owners? Put it this way Hammers fans, you ain’t winnin’ naffin’. Regulated market? You’re ‘avin’ a larf. incha?

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