Wolves Appoint Terry Connor As Manager – You Can Almost Smell The Relegation From Here

Chris Wright

24th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

After all that fannying around with Alan Curbishley, Brian McDermott, Walter Smith, etc, Wolves have formally announced that Terry Connor, Mick McCarty’s former assistant, has been appointed as manager for the remaining 13 games of the season – which, you can safely assume, wasn’t the plan when they sacked Mick a fortnight ago.

Said Wolves owner Steve Morgan:

“This is a decisive step which creates certainty. The players are fully behind it. Since we made the difficult decision to part company with Mick, we have been through a diligent process of assessing potential candidates.

“Having spoken to a number of people we have drawn that process to a close and myself and the board are unanimous that Terry is the right man to lead the club for the remainder of the season.

“As a club, whether that be staff or supporters, we now all need to unite behind Terry and the players and secure as many points as possible over the next 13 games.”

What Connor (who will take charge for the first time against Newcastle this weekend) needs to do now is immediately hire McCarthy back as his assistant. That, dear friends, would be beautiful.

Connor has been at Molinuex for 13 years now and has served under four different managers, gaining a fantastic reputation as a coach in the process – though, crucially and critically, his managerial experience is limited to zippo.

Obviously, Wolves are seeking a certain amount of stability given their perilous league standing (18th), but swearing in the entirely inexperienced Connor as a full-time boss (rather than keeping him on as a caretaker while the search continued) seems like a submission. A biting of the ‘Big R’ bullet with a third of the season left to play. You can almost smell the relegation from here.

The best they can hope for is that they’ll get lucky by having unwittingly appointed themselves a ‘Chris Hughton’. The worst case, and altogether more likely scenario is that the club will go down in a glorious blaze of nothing much.

Any Wolves fans out there see this as a positive move by Morgan and Moxey? Or have they just sealed your fate?

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  1. gamblino says:

    Words can’t do it justice anymore. Just imagine an endless sigh.

  2. Lanthanum says:

    Yes, Wolves will be relegated.

    Edit: It’s been noted dude, we’re currently in talks with other ad people (Chris)

  3. nicko says:

    Funny as hell.

  4. QPR says:

    Fans of other relegation clubs will be happy but still Wolves fans it could have been worse. Paul Hart and Avram Grant could have got the job.

  5. John says:

    One in the hole you say?

  6. Del says:

    Ah well, get relegated this season, get promoted next season.
    At least McCarthy had entertainment value.
    But hey, this guy achieved a 2-2 draw at Newcastle today, let’s give him a chance.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s the most disrespectful thing to say. For god’s sake….He’s been a coach for thrteen years. Just b/c he was not in the limelight or have the so called “name recognition” doesn’t mean he is going to fail. On the contrary, he has the respect of the players and might be able to do the impossible job of saving Wolves from relegation. Please give the guy a chance and credit…. Not all shiny things are gold!

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