Wolves Players To Be Shown ‘Secret Exit’ At Molineux

Chris Wright

17th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

“Three bloody deep, bloody long tunnels will be dug: Tom, Mick, and Harry. One will succeed!”

With the club squatting down their in the 19th rung and tensions rising as a result, Wolves players are reportedly going to be shown a ‘secret’ exit door out of Molineux if the post-match hostility that marred their 2-0 home loss against Blackburn rears its ugly head again.

A mob of 200-odd angry fans confronted both Wolves owner Steve Morgan and several of the players – including Jamie O’Hara, who had his wife and baby son with him at the time – after the game to protest against the ‘Scouse Mafia’ running the club.

Manager Terry Connor (still can’t help but say his name in a Terminator voice) admitted things are getting a little hairy at Molineux:

“The players were advised not to go out the front entrance last week. If the situation warrants it, then we’ve got [an alternative exit strategy] in place to act upon.

“If there’s 200 people outside the front, we don’t want the players and staff going out there.”

“There’s other measures we can take. We’ll be in the hands of the safety officers and stewards. I think it’s just emphasising that there are other means for the players and staff to leave.”

There you go: the long and short of it is that Wolves have got a back door lined up if the front door becomes clogged up with bleating goons. To be perfectly honest, this was just an excuse to post that photo of Mick. I hope you’ll forgive us.