Brazil Have Special ‘Double Wide’ Seats For Obese Fans At 2014 World Cup Stadiums

Chris Wright

2nd, March 2013


By Chris Wright

“Thank-you for coming along Mr Ronaldo, now if we could just measure your arse?”

Brazilian authorities have inserted a number of ‘double wide’ seats into the stadiums being built for the 2014 World Cup so that even the most portly of fans can watch the tournament from the stands in comfort.

The seats are double the width of normal stadium seats and are specially reinforced to support a weight of up to 40 stones (254kg/560lbs)…

For example, there are 120 of the XXL seats at the 64,000-capacity Castelao stadium in Fortaleza – one of only two stadiums which have actually reopened since redevelopment began ahead of the World Cup next summer.

The seats are actually mandatory under Brazilian disability laws (it’s a legal requirement that at least 1% of the total seating must be set aside for heifers) , though that doesn’t stop them being double the price of a normal seat .

Whereas you’re looking at paying around £19 for standard fare, the super-sized seats will cost you around £38 – presumably on the basis that if you’re going to take up the space of two people, you’re going to have to bloody well pay for the space of two people!

Now, who do we ask about obtaining a £57 chair? It’s for…um…a friend.

(Image: Mail)