England’s Disallowed Goal v Germany Was NOT Over The Line (With Photo Evidence)

Ollie Irish

27th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

I would laugh, of course (it’s only a game), but instead I’m weeping. Weeping for Andy Gray, for Sky Sports, for Sven, for Steve McClaren, for Martin Samuel, for The Sun, for Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen, for the FA, for 1966 and all the f**king bullsh*t that continues to contribute to England’s inability to play this game we all love. How anyone thought England could win the World Cup. Now that is a good one.

Sincere congrats to Germany though. Ambitious, progressive, lovely to watch. A real team. I hope they go far. Mezut Ozil, please don’t go to the Premier League. It will twist you, ruin you, spoil you, rid you of your gifts.

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  1. Gerardo says:

    Well Said

  2. Blu says:

    I don’t know how you call it in Uruguay Mister Jorge Larrionda, but we call that a GOAL!

  3. Chegs says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Fabio needs to look at himself, but I completely agree that the fanfare surrounding the England team needs to stop. How the FA don’t ‘have a word’ with the media in the UK to keep it reasonable and alleviate any extra pressure is beyond me. Except what they actually do is attempt to set key figures up in ‘scams’ and create pictures of 3 lions on the covers of the papers. Its scandalous and the FA need to have a long hard look at themselves, in relation to the above as well as continually giving the manager 14 year, 26million a year contracts. MUGS

  4. Ruperto says:

    Thats So Funny

  5. Ste says:

    Thanks for the congrats and my condolences. But I`m sure that by now the spell of the Wembley-goal is broken. From now on, we`re even and in the future you`ll be able to win against us. What? Sure, even on penalties. May I suggest: clean your mess up…we need you!

  6. jack smith says:

    shut up you prick

  7. mk says:

    i would suggest hiring hitzfeld. if capello cant make us achieve as a team, he might be the only one left. him or jesus

  8. spectator says:

    while it mightn’t have a made a difference here, at some point FIFA will have to relent and introduce video refereeing. it’s not without good reason that it’s an issue that won’t go away.

    a swiss person’s life span is about three times as long a normal one’s though isn’t it? i’m only asking because blatter says it won’t happen while he’s there.

  9. yuan says:

    bastard lines man should be killed!

  10. Deckard says:

    Apparently Capello is gonna stay. But if the man was true to himself, he should resign, and not bitch about a golden handshake or some shit. He’s gotten paid such a shit load of money, only one thing would justify that(if anything): win the WC. He miserably failed, miserably. Who has one grain of belief this man will win England the EURO in 2012? or the WC in 2014 perhaps? nobody. Louis Van Gaal is my advice. He’s the best currently available(He would leave Bayern in a heartbeat if the England job came knocking).

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  12. Alex says:

    Well said…

    ditch the hype, accept we’re not that great, lose the overpaid underperforming stars, improve the youth system and maybe just maybe in 20 years we may have something that actually could be considered to be world class.

    Awful team, found out

    To be honest im glad that ill never have to see any of these ridiculous adverts and jingoistic sun front pages. My welsh/scottish mates laugh at me and we all saw this coming. I’m supporting Germany from now one. like you say, a real team and a joy to watch

  13. RAMBO says:

    good job England

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  15. Redondo Red says:

    Couldn’t agree more…
    ALL the En-ger-land players are nothing more than a bunch of Hyped-Up, Totally Overrated, Overpaid, ego-tisticle cunts!!!
    The got what they deserved FUCK_ALL!!!

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  17. crossmmafit says:

    True, Mezut Ozil looks promising. Same old England, so what do you expect! Tabloid rapid newspapers made the defeat looks even worse.
    England is all mouth, beer bellies and arrogance . The transfat and salt in fish n ship may be the main cause of Rooney’s arrogance and temper.

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