World Cup Ho News: Kaka Fronts Anti-Prostitute Campaign

Ollie Irish

29th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

He believes in Jesus. He doesn’t believe in paying for sex. Which is nice. Wayne Rooney, of course, believes in both.

Is this for real? I damned well hope so. Despite the Photoshopped appearance, it seems to be kosher, at least according to Kickette.

As for why Kaka’s goofy head is on backwards, God only knows.

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  1. kritter says:

    he’s wearing his shirt backwards. as if we didn’t know kaká when we see him…

  2. slimj091 says:

    “real men don’t buy girls”

    says the world famous footballer worth millions that most women would throw themselves over. his play is overrated anyways, so is his bible thumping.

  3. Deckard says:

    How’s it his fault that millions of desperate chicks would throw themselves over him?

    I don’t really get why he’s doing that. In the suburbs of Sao Paolo you can literally pick the girls of the street for US$2 they’d pretty much do anything. As if anyone’s mindset, Brazil let alone anywhere else, will change because a famous footballer says so.

  4. Joe says:

    Real men can put their clothes on the right way round.

  5. TRUEdoo says:

    Haha…yeah Deckard…tell it like it really is! Is it really 2 bucks in brazil

  6. Poil says:

    What a cocky lad he is !
    I believe he’s using this sign to cover up blowjobs. He may not need to buy them after all, some fans would like to do it for free I guess

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