FIFA Dumpling Sepp Blatter Backs ‘Winter World Cup’ Plans

Chris Wright

17th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

“You know the options Sepp, December or I’ll jump”

FIFA honcho Sepp Blatter has backed the calls of UEFA president Michel Platini and Germany’s ExCo representative Franz Beckenbauer, who have both suggested that the 2022 Qatar World Cup should be held during the winter in a bid to combat the Arabian country’s searing 50°c summer heat.

Speaking at a news conference in Abu Dhabi, Blatter told the gathered press:

“I definitely support the idea to play in winter here. It is important to play when the climate is appropriate and I’m thinking about the footballers, not only the fans but the actors.”

Qatar have not filed a request to change the timing of the tournament from it’s traditional June/July pitching, instead choosing to pursue the option of air-conditioning all of the stadiums and training pitches.

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  1. syndex says:

    hmm next we will be changing teh russian world cup to the winter

  2. Neil says:

    No, no, no. That wasn’t the facking bid. The bid was for the traditional world cup dates. If they change the dates re-open the facking bid process. Don’t award the bid then change the parameters. Why does this make me so crazy? Gaaaahhhhh!

  3. Les says:

    Some things, like goal line technology are ok, but changing the time that the world cup would be held after nearly 100 years of june/ july is ridiculous. FIFA money grabbing bastards

  4. shay says:

    So what about all the leagues that are in the middle of their seasons at that time of year? The whold world has to stop so this shitty little country can hold a world cup no one wants to go to?! Exactly how much payola dids these jerks at FIFA get anyway?! Still doesn’t solve the fact that is illegal to drink, be female or gay. FIFA had so little creditablity before, now they have zero.

  5. Matt says:

    I am sure whoever is in charge of FIFA in 10 years will appreciate the US tv bid falling by half as well…thanks to world football having to compete with american football.

    Between a forecasted (by FIFA) 3 million fewer tickets sold and lower tv rights, FIFA would probably lose close to $1 billion by holding it in Qatar in winter instead of in the US.

  6. Tinez says:


  7. Paul says:

    I wonder if he back youth football being played in the summer?

  8. Montesquieu says:

    I’m boycotting the 2022 World Cup.

  9. Craigganmore says:

    Why don’t we organise a ‘Global Football Competition’ in 2022 in England? Invite the best 31 teams to play each other and see how many turn up here instead of Qatar. The World Cup bankrolls FIFA anyway so if no-one goes to their poxy competition they’ll get no money. No money = no power and football will be finally free of Platter and his mafia.

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