Nigel De Jong ‘Treated Like A War Criminal’ After Xabi Alonso Reducer

Chris Wright

23rd, April 2011


By Chris Wright

“Sir, you’ve just been De Jong-ed”

Dutch destroyer Nigel de Jong has claimed that he was ‘treated like a war criminal’ after spending most of last summer accidentally kicking Spaniards in the heart and plying us all with a pithy new term for tackles that reduce human bone to powder form.

Speaking to De Volkskrant, De Jong said:

“At no time did I see Xabi Alonso because I was focused only on the ball. Actually, when I think back about it, it was not good at all. Of course the referee (poor, poor Howard Webb) should have shown a red card for the foul. That is obvious.”

“But I had the feeling that there were people who wanted to harm me. I’ve been public enemy number one on many occasions. Honestly, people treated me like a war criminal. It was an unpleasant sensation.”

Not as unpleasant as feeling your atriums separate from your ventricles I’d wager, but hey ho.


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  1. baem says:

    haha.. nice pict

  2. Montesquieu says:

    van Bommel deserves similar treatment, I’m sure even Slobodan Milosevic wouldn’t disagree.

  3. Dennis says:

    Van Bommel is a hero!
    You have a competition filled with idiots breaking legs every week, Van Bommel is dirty, but no idiot.

  4. Chronic Youth says:

    Diouf might hold a little sympathy, he’s been pretty cosy with war criminals lately

  5. alex says:

    who cares about de jong – some sort of half breed… the only (partially) coloured man in the netherlands!

    he does this ALL the time in the premiere league, this is no different… except stupid americans picked up on ‘soccer’ since it was on ABC.

  6. dnpma says:

    having a look at the gif it doesnt really appear to me that hes “focused only on the ball”… it doesnt look that way at all

  7. TfromZ says:

    Alex you sound pretty racist.

  8. Adrian says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! I love how Alex is calling Americans “stupid” for watching soccer on TV while when he’s the one talking about De Jong being a half-breed and that he does this kind of thing “ALL the time”. Alex is either a classic troll or a classic moron. My bet is that he’s both.

  9. Danny says:

    Ben Arfa :(

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