Argentinian FIFA Member Julio Grondona Asked England For The Falklands Back In Return For Vote

By Chris Wright

In an interview with German press agency DPA, Argentinian FIFA ExCo member Julio Grandona started by pissing and whining about the relentless attacks on ‘the FIFA family’ by the English media, denied being glad-handed by the Qatar 2022 team in return for his vote and then went on to implicate himself in perhaps the largest-scale bribe ever to have taken place within the governing body’s corridors of power:

“Yes, I voted for Qatar, because a vote for the US (who were beaten by Qatar in the race to host the 2022 finals) would be like a vote for England – and that is not possible.”

After declaring the English to be ‘pirates’, he then recalled the meeting he held with the 2018 bid team in which he asked for one small-ish favour in return for his vote:

“With the English bid I said: Let us be brief. If you give back the Falkland Islands, which belong to Argentina, you will get my vote. They then became sad and left.”

The moral of this tale? If you’re going to fish for bribes, go big – because you never know…

I feel a new FIFA motto coming on.

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  1. theredflag says:

    This guy is pretty passionate…

  2. Redskywalker says:

    haha I thought this was a JOKE when I first saw it. He sounds Serious!

    These are getting more and more rediculous. Theres also that other nutjob that wanted the FA Cup Named after him.

  3. LordRT says:

    Bribe and be bribed – the new FIFA motto

  4. Ashley says:

    This sounds reasonable, as long as we get the 1986 World Cup back in return. Sounds like a fair swap.

  5. E Stuart says:

    This idiot is confusing the United Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Falklands with the England Football Association. Did I miss something in 1982? I’m pretty sure it was the combined HM Forces from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that held off the Argentinian attack and not Ray Clemence, Viv Anderson, Trevor Brooking, Terry Butcher, Stevie Coppell, Trevor Francis, Glenn Hoddle, Terry McDermot, Bryan Robson, Paul Mariner et al.

  6. mtm says:

    hahaha:)))))))))) that’s funny guy, and damned right – leave folklands alone you imperialist scum (england)

  7. Kolejorz says:

    I love that he needed to add that the Falkland Islands belonged to Argentina.

    The thing is, they got their ass served. The Brits have defended the island, why would they bother giving it back when they could probably just kick Argentinas ass again.

  8. dman says:

    Nice to know that voting for the world cup is not overly politcal.

    what a jacka$$

  9. wiganisawful says:

    This sight is aptly named for the Argentinean representative.

  10. MAnderson says:

    A big mouthed idiot with three chins? Anything he spouts is laughable and nothing more than talk. In other words, what he says does not matter!

  11. PoliticsInFootball says:

    Passionate and dumb. Presumably The Hand of God will rid us from this ranting subject. Else, Argentine food exports might be identified as the source of the killer E Coli strain in Europe any time soon.

  12. Tom Jones says:

    He is right. Put Margaret Thather in the electric chair now!

  13. Solihull United says:


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