Thierry Henry Breaks Down In Tears As Arsenal Statue Unveiled (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Arsenal unveiled three statues outside the Emirates yesterday to mark the club’s 125th anniversary, with Tony Adams and Herbert Chapman (it wasn’t Pascal Cygan after all!) being recognised for the services to the Gunners over the years along with record-scorer Thierry Henry, who tried and failed to fight back the waterworks during his acceptance speech…

It’s oh so easy to be cynical in this day and age, but in Henry there goes a man who quite obviously deeply loves the club he became the headline act for.

Debate over the players Arsenal could and perhaps should have also honoured (Wright, Bergkamp, Rocastle, etc) with statues has been rife over the past few days, but it’s hard, nay impossible to deny that Henry is deserving of such an honour. The man’s a legend. A legend that transcends club allegiances.

Here’s the statue in full…

Photo: Arsenal

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  1. Redskywalker says:

    Always wonder what Irish Arsenal fans think of him

  2. BallsDeep says:

    His move to Barcelona stank of Poo. He was offered a move to Barca after the defeat to them in the Champions League final, he turned the move down and stayed at Arsenal, stating he felt they were cheated on the final. Bs.. He left after a season to a club that they were trying to compete. Henry like most footballers sold out. He left Arsenal high and dry. Lost respect for him, he was bench warmer at Barca.

  3. 22 says:

    @Redskywalker I still love him to bits

  4. antiballsdeep says:

    Balls deep mate I really feel sorry for you if you feel that way/ Look what henry did for arsenal. look what he won. Plus when he left he made 15 million profit for the club it was the best time to sell him as the youngsters were coming through and afraid to underperform with a legend like Henry in the ranks. He served the club well dont be so naive.

  5. nyrb says:

    grow up ballsdeep.

    like you wouldn’t take the money those anti-national catalonians offered him.

    he accomplished all he could with Arsenal. He and really HE ALONE was the sole reason why Arsenal had the unbeaten season.

  6. wtfmate says:


  7. Mark says:

    did he say 120 years?

  8. af says:

    I won’t forget one certain handball, no matter how many goals you score for one of your clubs.

    The statue isn’t very recognizable to me

  9. e212 says:

    The statue doesn’t even look like him. And its a bad statue at that. Maybe arsenal was trying to get at him for leaving them for fagalona. What kind of a club legend is he if he switched to a better club? Should have ended his career at arsenal and he would have been a legend!

  10. wtfmate says:

    henry is a legend despite leaving for (fuckin) bcn.
    when he came on the pitch with an arsenal shirt, he always gave his best and scored goal after goal after goal. He wanted to win the CL, that’s all… pretty fair to me! the statue does suck though

  11. Ben says:

    To all the people saying he isn’t a legend because he left late in his career.. aren’t true Arsenal fans. He left because David Dein was brutally sacked simple as that. Even Wenger asked if he should leave but Dein told him he should stay.

    @af He did it by instinct and would you have gone against your country admitting it to the ref straight after you realize what happened? He has showed NOTHING BUT class his entire career and after one incident people call him names.. grow up.

    @KingEric7 What offensive language.

  12. Fart Master Arse says:

    You Irish bastards, Henry is a legend. Your shit team wasnt going to win the world cup anyways.

  13. Redskywalker says:

    @fart ^ I reckon France back then were shitter by some distance.

  14. wwkkd says:

    I dont buy it…

  15. barca says:

    lol, you guys crack me up

  16. __wowza says:

    i’m irish and i dont care.
    a handball doesn’t lose a game, a team loses a game.

    the statue is terrific, henry is a fantastic player.. and that’s coming from a spurs fan.

  17. HotSpur922 says:

    @Fart Master, I agree 1000000% that they wouldn’t have won or even made it outta the group stages but keep the racist remarks to yourself.

    “Irish Bastards”

    thats not very nice.

    you as well as anyone knows the Irish from the republic are very nice people.

    btw: Thierry Henry = LEGEND,

    <== coming from a die hard Spurs fan.

  18. HotSpur922 says:

    the statue looks very much like him.

  19. jan says:

    statue looks like RvP to me

  20. Richard Dunne says:

    I’d love to give him a proper reason to cry, the cheating bstrd, was he crying because the statue is shit and resembles nani more than henry?

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