Emmanuel Frimpongs The FA, Hits Out At Authorities Over Terry Case

Alan Duffy

3rd, February 2012


By Alan Duffy

Young, l’il-bit-wappy midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong is one of the Premier League’s more charismatic chaps, with his all-action and passionate performances on the pitch endearing him to Wolves’ fans ever since he made his loan move from Arsenal.

The Ghana-born youngster is also a major Twitter personality, with his online spats with Piers Morgan in particular, only adding to his popularity. However, now the 20-year-old has entered the John Terry/alleged racism debate, questioning the rather slow  actions of The FA over the affair.

Frimpong Tweeted:

“Wanna no if Anton Ferdinand was in the England team and was being charged for racism would the FA wait till the summer to charge?outoforder”

He followed that Tweet with:

“If I ever get Racially Abused I wouldn’t think f telling the FA…..I would rather tell my mum.”

You can bet that Frimpong isn’t the only player with this opinion, either, which isn’t a very good indicator of how the country’s young black footballers view the authorities at the moment.

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  1. @mattbarrycooper says:

    Frimpong, Super Frimpong
    He’s the centre of the midfield three;
    … Frimpong, Super Frimpong,
    He looks just like Mister-Tee;
    Last night we met up for a pint;
    Then he told me West Brom are fu*king shi-te
    Frimpong, Super Frimpong;
    And the rest goes down in history

  2. syndex says:

    big fan of the frim not sure about his mother as a disciplinary aurthority in the Fa tho

  3. Dave says:

    Guys obviously an idiot considering its not the FA who pushed it back, its the CPS

  4. Chuckles says:

    Good on him. Find it ridiculous that the FA isnt launching its own investigation regardless of the incident not making it to the match report. Not only inconsistent, the FA, is beginning to look like a two tiered system where white Englishmen get handled remarkably different than the black or foreign players. And that is truly racist.

    Of course I might just be pissed at Captain England because the drugs I bought off his dad were bogus, the stolen goods from his mum never worked, and it rained all day that I paid him to tour Stamford Bridge.

  5. Redskywalker7 says:

    What? An Arsenal fan slamming Piers the rash Morgan? Im warming to him… let me see those tweets

  6. AN says:

    Love the Frim, but dont really understand what he is saying in those tweets?

  7. Archbihop Betty Snagcock says:

    1. he doesn’t get it the courts, not the FA
    2. would you really wanna mess with his mum

  8. Le Freak says:

    I hear Uruguayans in general find the FA a little dubious, too.

  9. Del says:

    Good on the lad for putting it out there. A little misguided in the way he worded things but otherwise the message is clear.

  10. Tinez says:

    The FA can’t pursue its own investigation when a criminal prosecution is in progress. Obvious.

    The CPS doesn’t set its case dates based on the opinions of black or white players.

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