Arsene Wenger refuses to shake hands with Mark Hughes after League Cup defeat

Ollie Irish

2nd, December 2009



“I did not see the manager…”

After Arsenal’s ‘kids’ lost 3-0 to Man City in the League Cup quarter final, Arsene Wenger stormed off down the tunnel at Eastlands without – shock, horror! – shaking hands with Mark Hughes.

This is the perfect ammo for the tabloids to have a xenophobic pop at “rude, ungracious Wenger”, and while the Gunners’ gaffer should have risen above Sparky’s aggressive touchline behaviour, I can understand his frustration at being beaten by the team that poached Adebyor and Toure from under his nose.

“There’s a certain protocol you should go through… he should have been a little bit more gracious,” Hughes said after the game, no doubt trying not to grin his arse off.

For his part, Wenger said “I’m free to shake hands with whoever I wish”, before going on to slag off the League Cup as a trophy not worth shouting about. Not now it’s not.

More on the game tomorrow, of course. For now though, do you think Wenger is being a silly arsehead or is he entitled to storm off down the tunnel swearing in French?

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  1. Mr Tibbs says:

    I wish that he’d shaken hands with him. Lest we forget Mark Hughes is a giant of the game and deserves respect.

  2. HoiHoi says:

    Wenger was quite criticial when Phil Brown refused to shake his hand last season
    what a joke

  3. Erik the Blue Yank says:

    That is exactly why I refer to him as Arsehead Wanker… the manager of Arsenhole of course…. It shows just how petty wanker is. Piss on him. On we go. Bring on United! come on city, not start hitting your stride!!!

  4. Philando Torres says:

    Mark Hughes a giant of the game? Steady on, Tibbs.

    Yeah, he should’ve shook his hand. He didn’t. Now, let’s not analyse every single thing to death, for fuck’s sake.

  5. Dickie says:

    Erik the Blue, that is so clever I almost died. Congratulations on your marvelous wordplay sir.

  6. Mark who's? says:

    Who can blame Arsene for not wanting to shake the hand of that underachiever twat Sparky. Let’s face it considering what AW’s achieved in the premiership and has done for the english game in general vs Hughes nonexistent achievements, MH isn’t fit to lick the dogshit off of arsenes sole (let alone shake his hand) anyway! Looking forwards to watching them new money fancy dans finish trophy less and the inevitable sacking of the taff tit, the Red Half will break your hearts but at least they have some class and pedigree.

  7. Dickie says:

    Erik the Blue Yank, that is so clever I almost died. Congratulations on your marvelous wordplay sir.

  8. One thing I must say for Wenger is that I realy like the way he use his youngsters in the Carling Cup!!

  9. juan atasha says:

    what is the point of the technical area?
    MH was all over the pitch, waving his arms about and being rude to Mr Wenger.
    The english press and officials will as usual turn a blind eye to that!!!! am sorry but Mh lost all respect once he started to behave in such manner.
    Was he taught that in Barcelona?

  10. Alex says:

    bloody ell I think its easy to say which team this editor supports! CHR!ST… POACHED! Our two offers coud not have been more financially generous. Look a little closer and Hughes doesn’t go in Wengers precious technical area, he just gives the ball back. I thaught Hughes was entitled to be annoyed by the lanky pi$$ streak UNDERTAKER!

  11. Pierre says:

    What a wanker he is. Typical Arsenal stuff, sore losers. I used to support Arsenal and I will again when this man leaves.

    What a horrible kunt. Sparky is a good man and a gent, Wenger is the total opposite. Whinging bastard. Arsenal wont win a thing unfortunately

  12. spectator says:

    ‘…trying not to grin his arse off.’

    i bet sparky really does grin with his arse.

  13. […] Shakegate has unfortunatley overshadowed what was a very entertaining cup game, lit up by two brilliant goals for City – Carlos Tevez scored a superb solo goal to open the scoring, before Shaun Wright-Phillips unleashed a rocket to double the hosts’ lead. […]

  14. greta says:

    alex, i think you’ll find ollie is a spurs supporter. less inclined to sympathise with arsenal, i believe?

  15. greta says:

    anyroad, the whole situation is ridiculous but spark’s a twat and wenger’s a legend, so.

  16. Hirsty says:

    I think the only way to settle this is for Arsenal to be given a spot in the African Nations Cup.

  17. Gooner365 says:

    Hirstly, speak sense!!

  18. ExileD says:

    imo you really cant blame wenger after what all citeh and adebayor have done to them and to top it off hughes defending his actions as if its ok to hurt other players and be a dick and celebrate like that. pffff

  19. timi says:

    bloody hell keep ur ass on

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