Marouane Chamakh & Adel Taarabt ‘Caught’ Smoking Sisha Pipes After QPR-Arsenal

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Scandal! Round up the children! Release the honey badgers! Alert the President!

No, we’re not talking about Chamakh’s increasingly disgusting placenta-slathered hair, but the fact that he and his Moroccan chum Adel Taarabt have been photographed huffing on (perfectly legal) sisha pipes in a London bar MERE HOURS after QPR’s 2-1 win over Arsenal at the weekend.

For shame…

First of all, it’s Chamakh so who cares? Secondly, if you’re going to smoke a sisha, at least have the good grace to do it in style…

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Snake print pants and zebra print socks – a nice way to declare that the lady associating with Ireland does not like animals (or likes them too much, i guess). That said, does anyone notice the floral/feather printed pants Ireland is wearing? :)

  2. Kim says:

    Stephen looks like some sort of villain from an action film set in the future.

  3. Tom says:

    Ireland is the biggest cock in the fucking world, an embarrassment

  4. Mr. T says:

    WAATP should be PR managers for Chamakh and Tarabt – immediate deflection of attention from those too to Stephen Ireland. :)

  5. Mr. T says:

    *two (facepalm)

  6. aaron says:

    two moroccan guys smoke shisha after work… shock horror

  7. Nicolas says:

    Ireland. Classy.

  8. Zirconium says:

    Just looks like they’re holding football pumps to be honest. It would be a perfect excuse if they actually needed one.

  9. Jay Jay says:

    @Zirconium: Lmao ….quality

  10. Al says:

    Is that Stephen Irelands old hair plugs stuck to the back wall?

  11. sloth says:

    Not like Chamakh’s stamina is of any importance… when was the last time he started a match?

    Move on. The only issue is that if there are negative health effects, the teams have right to be concerned. Otherwise, nothing to see here.

    (Answer: Chamakh last started against Olympiakos in the UCL on Dec. 6, 2011)

  12. Jarren says:

    If they had of went out on a bender and got pissed it wouldn’t have warranted this attention, yet they smoke some molasses from a shisha and it’s a scandal?

    Was this in a tabloid?

    Playing on misconceptions somewhat, whoever published them…

  13. Mikey C says:

    At first glance, I thought that was a zebra penis on Ireland’s stomach…

  14. Jarren says:

    @Mikey C: Good spot. I think that’s actually what it is.

    Can. Not. Unsee.

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