Bono scares Andrey Arshavin

Ollie Irish

8th, December 2009



“She moves in mysterious waaaaays!!”

“Yikes! Mr Bono, don’t creep up like that. You almost give me heart attack.”

The Drog = cool. Deuce Dempsey = super cool. The Meerkat = scared by Bono’s uncanny ability to weasel his way into any photo opportunity. And just look at the size of Drogba’s heid – what a giant swede that is.

The pic was taken at a launch for Nike Red, a football thingy – ‘thingy’ is the best I got right now – to help fight AIDS in Africa.

More amusing pics of the launch, including Bono and Drogba larking about, below:


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Bono and Didier Drogba during the Nike Global Announcement Press Conference at Town London, London.

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  1. Binha says:

    I think he was pleading Bono for help – after all,he had Drogba’s hand on his shoulder. That’s disgusting.

  2. notsoracist says:

    that big brown hand … yuk. it looks like an evil spider, or some five-leg freak. HORRIBLE

  3. Ian says:

    Why is Neil there? He’s nothing but a plug!

  4. snuffout says:

    notsoracist says————you fucking rascist white ugly smelly, chav– go clain your fucking benefits, football is nothing without different cultures—especially black people— they are on top–
    racist days are over mate — get over it and get a life

  5. notsoracist says:

    I was just ironically responding to the 1st comment by Binha. Drogba is a great player, no matter what colour he is. And there’s no shame about living on benefit, by the way

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