Sing-a-long a Thierry Henry


26th, January 2007


I think we may have had this on before, but it’s always worth seeing again. Thierry Henry scores a wonder goal and just when you think that nothing on earth could match it, the commentator steps up and gives a rousing rendition of the Cornetto advert. Bloody class. Why doesn’t Motty ever do this?

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  1. Jezza says:

    That’s Juan Manuel ‘El Bambino’ Pons. Mad as a box of frogs. Apparently, he also sings “Hey Ruud” (as in the Beatles song) whenever Van Nistelrooy scores.

  2. Peter says:

    i don’t know what the heck he was saying, but it was perfect. almost worthy of that goal.

  3. Mat T says:

    That brings a little tear of joy to my eye. And I don’t even like Arsenal.