First Photo: Alex Song’s First Day At Barcelona – Wears Snazzy Purse-On-A-Chain…

Chris Wright

20th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Barcelona have gone for a Song and here he is, hitching a lift to the training ground by the looks of things…

Cool purse-on-a-chain bro.

Apparently, Wenger flogged Song because of a distinct lack of shits given during Arsenal’s pre-season – we have good reason to believe that Arsene wasn’t fibbing…

Barcelona have a gallery up of Song’s first day at the club – which, we must warn you, contains an alarmingly high amount of ‘thumbs upping’.

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  1. Russell says:

    Scumbag. Enjoy the barca bench

  2. Malfurious says:

    Song definately has more quality than Cesc, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Mascherano…. oh wait

  3. Allan says:

    At first i was gutted when I heard about this but If we get the midfielders we are linked with(sahin and m’vila) this will be a real blessing for us.

    We might finally have defensive midfielder who offers cover to the defence and a central midfielder that can aid in attack rather than the other way around as song insisted last season.

    No wonder we never won a game without arteta!

  4. PC10DaTruth says:

    ..Really, He going to a team that might actually win something. This has happened so much over the year with Arsenal fans (I’m actually one), where they praise a player then as soon as he leave, the hope he dies in a fire.

  5. Neil says:


    Although this article reports a snag in procedings:

    I hope that Wenger does not decide to wait until Jan to address what I see as a lack of an anchor man in the midfield.

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