Andrey Arshavin Embroiled In ‘Eats At McDonald’s, Uses Discount Meal Deal Vouchers’ Shocker!

Chris Wright

12th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

“Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Russia? A ‘длсфлёцклши0-идйцдйвиоцлхфкоюфгйко9ефщгчc with cheese’!”

Big, big news is breaking this morning that Andrey Arshavin not only frequents the McDonald’s branch in Hampstead, but that he also utilises discount vouchers when eating with his family there.

Seriously, this has made several of this morning’s national newspapers!

A plucky McDonald’s staff member told The Sun:

“None of us can believe it when we see Andrey in here with his family. He’s a regular so collects the £1.99 meal deal vouchers to cut down on the total when they’re in.

“He could easily eat anywhere in town. But he says he loves the taste of our food and recognises it’s cheap for a full family.”

£75,000-a-week and still knocking pennies off with coupons? He’s definitely been playing under Wenger too long!

Perhaps Andrey could knock even more off the bill at Maccy D’s if he had a word with Scott Parker about some staff discount?

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  1. plops says:

    How dare someone who earns a few million try and save a few pounds! He should instead be paying full price to a multi-billion pound, global chain. Disgraceful.

  2. Maria Babbin says:

    “he also utilises discount vouchers ”


    he also uses discount vouchers. If you utilise something you are using it for a purpose other than it was intended.

  3. Paul Kirkland says:

    Good on him, saving more than people who make a fraction of what he makes! And that caption had me in stitches

  4. Mike says:

    Maria, before going all usage-police on someone (no pun intended), considering spending a few seconds on Google to make sure you are not about to put your foot in your mouth.

  5. gundubaja says:

    Lol, so what. Shit food either way.

    @Mike consider NOT considering

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