The 10 Greatest Premier League Goals of the Decade No.5: Robin Van Persie, Arsenal v Charlton, 2006

Ollie Irish

2nd, February 2010


By Ollie Irish


I don’t care which part of his leg it came off (lower shin? it doesn’t matter), this unique goal simply had to be on this list. So many so-called wonder goals are no more than well-struck thumps from 25-30 yards out, but this was something I’d never seen before (though there are similarities to Gus Poyet’s joyous, flying scissor-kick for Chelsea against Sunderland), something utterly creative and almost impossible to replicate.


Shinned it? Talk sense.

No.10: Dietmar Hamann, 2004

No.9: Paul Scholes, 2006

No.8: Robert Pires, 2002

No.7: Shaun Bartlett, 2001

No.6: Paul Scholes, 2000

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  1. Brian says:

    sweet goal, but that little shoulder shimmy he does when he jumps into the crowd is very questionable

  2. Omar says:

    I was fortunate enough to witness that goal live, stunning in real time, the ball dipped at just the right time with power

  3. Poncho says:

    What about Mario Stanic’s keepy-uppy volley vs West Ham in 2000?


  4. Readie says:

    What about paul robinson’s amazing free kick against watford in 2007! it was from his own area i was there and it was the greatest moment of the season.

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